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1986 Pontiac Grand Prix

$ 99

1986 Pontiac Grand Prix for Sale
1986 Pontiac Grand Prix for Sale1986 Pontiac Grand Prix for Sale
Drive Type:RWD
Model:Grand Prix
Vehicle Title:Clear
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this is a 1986 Pontiac gran prix 2+2 aero coupe..a one year only car..originally came with a 305 and auto trans..this one has a 350 c with an auto trans.the motor is a 71 chevy bored out 30 over,with all new internals and a decent size cam,all new everything in the motor and has about 500 miles since it was done..the body of the car was stripped to metal and redone with a base coat /clearcoat paint in the Richard petty 86 nascar colors..all the decals are as close of a match to the original nascar version now in the petty museum.the interior was all redone tastefully to macth the colors of the car.we stiil have the original rims and all parts that came out of the interior if you want to change it back to the original paint, but don't know why you would..the car is very quick and drives great..all new from top to bottom.including all window switches,motors and all will turn heads if you like that..i want to see it go to a good home,time to move on..thanks for reading...

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Sale price: $ 99
Car location: Bohemia, New York, United States
Last update: 9.09.2018
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1986 Pontiac Grand Prix
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