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1987 Toyota Pickup Used Extended Cab Pickup

Exterior Color:Red
Body Type:Extended Cab Pickup
Drive Type:4WD
Interior Color:Gray
Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1987 Toyota Pickup Xtra Cab 4X4, 5-Speed, 135,000 miles, Original paint(Mint).Professionally installed Turbo system out of donor truck with upgraded CT26 Turbo from Toyota Supra, Truck was Dyno Tuned after install, Dyno sheet attached, I have receipts for everything done to this truck.Work was done by Phantasm Motor Sports in Raleigh, NC.Air Conditioning blows Ice cold (R-12), Power steering and Power brakes work well.New items during turbo install include: Tires, Radiator, Starter, Fuel Pump and filter, Exhaust, Injectors, Marlin Clutch, Pressure Plate, Clutch master and slave Cylinder, exc. , Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor, Hoses, Belts, Seats were professionally recovered.This truck runs and drives flawlessly, the Turbo really gives it some get up and go, does not smoke or leak.This Truck was bought from an estate in California in 2015 , Original owner had passed, It was shipped to NC by the owner before me.Email or call/text [hidden information]

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Item Information

Item ID: 137430
Car location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Last update: 8.12.2019
Views: 78
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1987 Toyota Pickup Used Extended Cab Pickup
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