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Used 1988 Lotus Esprit Used

Vehicle Title:Salvage
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Seller Description

For sale is a 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo Rolling Chassis. I bought the car to restore it into a GT1 Lotus Esprit track car with an LS1 motor but I no longer have the time. I already have a black 1990 Lotus esprit. The car has a salvage title with repaired front end on the fiberglass body. The Original chassis was bent on the forward end and unsafe to use and will include it in the sale.

I Do have a new 1985 Lotus esprit donor chassis that I will include in the sale. I took the car apart to clean it up and all the parts are in my storage room in the back yard as shown in the pictures. I have the pink slip in hand with California Salvaged Title. Rolling chassis missing steering wheel unit, brake booster, pedal, tail light, headlights, wheels. Buyer will have to come pick it up. Body only weight about 300 pounds. Chassis is about 100 pounds. Hope someone would have the time to put her together and save an iconic exotic car. I do all the maintenance on my own car and would love to assist buyer in restoring this car. Please email with any questions.

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Item Information

Item ID: 114750
Car location: Westminster, California, United States
Last update: 8.04.2019
Views: 128
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1988 Lotus Esprit Used
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