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1991 Porsche 964 Used Coupe RUF 3.8 425hpL Gasoline Manual - RUF 6-speed

Body Type:Coupe
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Engine:RUF 3.8 425hp
Options:4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats
Drive Type:AWD
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes
Power Options:Air Conditioning
Sub Model:RUF-BTR
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Black
Disability Equipped:No
Number of Cylinders:6
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Transmission:Manual - RUF 6-speed
:“The car is in excellent overall condition, fully serviced.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

We are proud to be able to present one of the most
significant RUF-Porsches ever made for sale, a truly amazing car with huge
investment and growth potential – by some termed “The Ultimate RUF”.This
BTR-4 is a 200mph car. Depending on the reference this car can do anywhere
between 198 (claimed) and 205mph (tested) per Several other
references put this car into that top speed range.
This car is truly fast, actually furiously fast and yet very
This is a genuine RUF Porsche 964/965 BTR 3.8, a rare fully
“built-in and hidden cage” car as RUF has built a few in Pfaffenhausen,
Germany, it is a 425hp, manual 6-Speed car with a RUF/Sachs EKS fast-clutch
system, with a full RUF interior, huge RUF brakes, full RUF suspension, features
the ultra-rare 18” 8 ½ & 11 inch wide RUF 965 wheels, etc. This is the well-known “Beddor” car with the
VIN # WP0AB296XLS[hidden information] and $225,000 were invested in the early nineties to
build this car at RUF in Pfaffenhausen, Germany, and at 3,200 pounds wet it is
light for a fully caged four-wheel drive, wide body 964 based RUF car with A/C.
The car has been enjoyed for a total of 53,700 miles, but there are less than 28,000
miles on the car since it was last at RUF in Pfaffenhausen, Germany and had the
new upgraded engine installed and its 6-speed transmission rebuilt/updated, and
it was built at RUF in Pfaffenhausen, Germany a year prior to that as a bare
chassis build for the Beddor family.
The car has extensive Race History in the US from 1993 to
1995 and is one of two cars that Frank, Marylyn and Steve Beddor campaigned
successfully at several Brainerd International Raceway and World of RUF events,
as well as twice at the Virginia City Hill Climb events in 94 and 95, the 90 Mile
Silver State Classic in Nevada in 1992, the only 4-wheel drive turbo body 965
BTRs remaining in its present form. For
set-up, the car has been driven and tested by RUF’s famous test driver Stefan
Roser in Germany, who drove the yellow- bird for its well-known “Fascination” record
run on the Nuerburgring.
Despite its full roll-cage, which is beautifully built in
and hidden, with removable door bars and with sun-visors, the car is very
drivable every day with a full Air Conditioning and heating system. It has many
light weight features, non-sunroof, light-weight doors with manual windows and
strap pull releases, RUF’s 3 spoke steering wheel and it maintains its
Blaupunkt stereo system, Alarm system and a Halon Fire Extinguisher. As part of
the RUF modifications it received a light-weight, thin high-tension glass rear
window and the car is equipped with a cockpit adjustable four-wheel-drive bias
control system, as well as a dash mounted ABS-shut-off switch. It has a special
EPA approved catalytic converter and is street legal in most States but has no airbags,
so it can be safely raced with helmets. It further features leather wrapped,
RUF light-weight racing/sport-seats with built in 5-point Simpson seat belt
harnesses. It also features genuine RUF aerodynamic mirrors – this car really
needs no rear-view mirrors, you better be looking forward way ahead and
anything in your rear-view mirrors will disappear as little dots within
The car was initially equipped with RUF’s 385hp engine in
1991 but went back to RUF in 1993 for a major service when a new, next
generation RUF 3.8-425hp engine was installed and the transmission reworked.
The car has been well maintained and had a recent major service performed at
Thoroughbred Motorsports LLC last year at which time valves were adjusted, the
huge RUF/KKK turbo-charger was fully refurbished with new seals, bearings and re-balanced,
new plugs installed, a complete 15,000 mile RUF service was performed.
The car resides 20 miles from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and
can be viewed or inspected there once appointment arrangements are made. I
personally own RUF cars as part of my significant car collection, and this one
is by far the very fastest and most drivable RUF, actually blindingly fast and
yet controllable – day to day - the fastest RUF I have driven, especially when
you are exploring a country road and do not know what is ahead – the very
advanced four-wheel drive system seems
to save you every time you get into a “shit, too fast” situation.
cars have done extremely well at this year’s Monterey auctions.
Information about 1991 Porsche 964 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 964 Porsche Black RUF 3.8 425hp
sold for $1.022,500; a 1998 RUF turbo R limited brought $912,500; a white 1990 C4-CTR,
a fairly rough car, not nearly as nice as this one, without the beautiful RUF
built in cage brought $368,000; a 1994 RUF BTR2 brought $660,000; and a 2009
CTR3 brought $640,000, all making this car an outstanding deal and investment.This car is an absolute top investment car that can be
thoroughly enjoyed. The 964 series Porsches have taken off in value in many markets,
together with the 993 series cars. The 964 series cars were the last,
traditional body old-style 911 air cooled cars. Further, Porsche was not doing
well in the early nineties, and production volumes were some of the lowest
ever. On top of that, as these 964 based cars had a much stiffer chassis as
well as a truly useable A/C and heating system, these are favorites by
companies such as Singer and many others to be converted into high end retro
cars. With the low remaining volumes of 964/965 coupes in existence, many
consider the especially the 964 next to the 993 series cars to be some of the
very best investment cars with the biggest growth potential. This specific car ought
to be one of the very top investment opportunities being a well-known RUF car
with a combination of ultra-rare features like turbo body, the higher powered
3.8 RUF engine, the 6-speed transmission, the four wheel drive, the huge brakes
and matched suspension and most importantly the full “hidden” RUF cage. Please
check out the photos – this car is spectacular.
We, Thoroughbred Motorsports LLC, are a well-known Restoration
and Service shop for Porsche and RUF cars, best known for our engine and
transmission builds as well as our Porsche-Celette equipped chassis restoration
facility, we are not a dealer. We are listing the car for a Porsche friend and
customer close to Harrisburg, PA. We have been servicing the car for some time and
know it very well.Note, the car only comes with the RUF wheels, the BBS wheels shown in one photo are no longer with the car.

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Item Information

Item ID: 91650
Car location: Corry, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 10.11.2018
Views: 94
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1991 Porsche 964 Used Coupe RUF 3.8 425hpL Gasoline Manual - RUF 6-speed
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