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1992 Corvette Roadster 6Spd Manual/LT1 “Simply Stunning”👀

$ 30527

Car Type:Collector Cars
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This "Stunning" Bright Red Corvette Roadster is finished in its original paint and has obviously lived the Garage Life....The Factory Black interior is in excellent condition and comes with the "very rare" leather trim delete option and it has then had cloth trim fitted in its place.The interior is completely as it left the factory, with the exception of a new Blutoooth Compatible Stereo being neatly fitted replacing the old Bose /Delco unit.​Under the hood is the original 5.7ltr LT1 v8, 92 was the first year of the High Output LTI v8, putting out in excess of 300hp through the 6spd zf manual Trans. It starts and runs like new and with only approx. 60k miles on the clock its got many miles of trouble free motoring left in it yet!​The Factory 17' Alloy Wheels have been polished to a "mirror finish" and the tyres are like new allround, interestingly this car was also optioned with 9.
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5" wide rims on the front as well as the rear allowing huge 275 wide tyres allround and the suspension is fitted with Bilstein Shocks on all corners.​The car has also been fitted with an Alarm System and Central Locking and an Aftermarket Exhaust Sytem which gives it a real V8 Rumble but it also has its original exhaust so it can easily be converted back if necassary.​The Car was recently imported from a Older Gentleman in the desert area of CA so there is absolutely no evidence of Rust/Corrosion through out the entire car. Also has a clean/accident free history as evidenced by the included CARFAX Report which came with the car as did the WorkshopManual, Drivers Handbook and some receipts for recent servicing and maintenance.​The Black Convertible top is in excellent condition with no signs of any wear and tear and folds away perfectly into the rear area as it should.​Everthing on this car appears to work as it should and I have checked every option on the car using the options list still attached to the inside of the centre console lid.​With the CRAZY prices being asked for Classic/Performance cars these days I can’t help but feel that the C4 Corvette is one of, if not the, most Value for Money/Bang for Buck Classics on the market today, as where else can you get a genuine 150mph +/low 13sec 1/4 mile car and a car that stops/handles and looks a "million bucks" for under 40K?​Feel free to contact me and book a time to come and view this wonderful example of the last generation of a C4 'vette before someone else does!!
***Do Not Use “Buy it Now” without contacting me first!!***
*** Can be registered in MOST states of Aus. but NOT registerable in NSW till 1/22***
**Is advertised elsewhere so maybe removed at anytime**
** Can arrange Interstate transport Australia wide**

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Item Information

Item ID: 217144
Sale price: $ 30527
Car location: Camden South, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.05.2021
Views: 7
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1992 Corvette Roadster 6Spd Manual/LT1 “Simply Stunning”👀
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