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1993 Honda Africa Twin Used 750L For Sale

Exterior Color:white red blue
Engine Size (cc):750
Model:Africa Twin
Sub Model (Optional):RD 04
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Adventure bike
:Minor fairing cracks, paint chips and minor blemishes.
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW >>>>>   

Seller Description

Superb XRV 750 1993 with [hidden information] km on the clock. The bike is in excellent mechanical condition and has been imported from France by myself this May. All consumables are well within specs, nothing to do on it. There are a few cracks in the plastics and a few paint blemishes as it should be expected with an adventure bike this age but nothing major. This is my third XRV 750 and this bike is extremely competent on the road with minimal vibrations but really at ease in the trails and makes it the ideal Adventure bike in my mind. The bike comes with hand guards, skid plate, crash bars, Bagster leather tank guard, Arrow slip on and comfort seat. For the US buyer the bike comes with all necessary documentation to ensure smooth border crossing (DOT, EPA, summary of entry form). I will gladly handle the export process and either assist with or handle shipping, I've shipped multiple bikes to various states and provinces and I'm well versed with rules and regulations. Titling, registration and local regulations pertaining to legality of the machine in your state or county are the buyer's responsibility. No trades.


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Item Information

Item ID: 90520
Motorcycle location: Cap-Sante, Quebec, Canada
For sale by: owner
Last update: 3.11.2018
Views: 6
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1993 Honda Africa Twin Used 750L
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