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1993 Nissan 240SX Used Manual

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Seller Description

This is a close relative of the families car. She is a 76 year old lady that owns this Nissan 240sx. We are helping her sell some of her estate since her husband passed. This car is a Nissan 240sx with a factory 5 speed transmission in original condition. Very rare paint color with interior combination. It also has fairly low miles. It is the last year for this body style and comes with the dual cam engine (has timing chain) very reliable and always maintained. The body has no rust and the underneath is clean with the frame rails being solid. It had undercoating applied to the strut mounts and the underneath of the car at some point. This car is garage kept left underneath a car cover and always has been. Rarely seeing any use with only 90k miles. It is a surivor as these cars are rarely seen in this condition and with these miles. Right before it was stored last year the car was brought in to Nissan for all new fluids, new spark plugs, valve cover gasket and general inspection. It runs and drives great and everthing works including the AC and radio. All the glass and the hatch sun cover is there. Original owners manual, some service records, brand new floormats bought new in the 90s. Tools and spare in the back. All carpet is there.
Before listing we has the entire interior removed and all the carpets vaccumed and professionally washed. The car was also washed and waxed. Ready for its new owner. Only 1 small blemish on drivers bolster to note.
I would say this car is at about 89%. There are no serious dings or dents or any body rust. All dash panels inside have no cracks either. There are 1 or two small dings about the size of a pinky nail. The paint is original with only a few blemishes here and there but only noticeable up close. Its not entirely perfect but lets just say its extremely nice and if you are in the market for one you would be hard pressed to find another like it.
There is nothing of any serious significance thats known wrong with the car at all. Its a 76 year old womans and has been treated as so. Its a great example.
Any questions please ask, be mature and we will absolutely do the same.
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She would like to find it a good home over the money. Its only being sold as the woman is moving. Clean and clear title in her name and she will be there to sign it over and a bill of sale if needed. Its priced very fair and priced to sell.
Thank you!

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Item ID: 127141
Car location: Schaumburg, Illinois, United States
Last update: 29.07.2019
Views: 73
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1993 Nissan 240SX Used Manual
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