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1994 Harley-davidson FXR Used 85L

Exterior Color:Purple
Engine Size (cc):85
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Bought at 46,224 tore bike completely down to frame. Rebuild and upgraded fresh engine build. 434 miles on fresh build.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

94 FXR 46224 When bought and completely tore down to frame. 46658 on odometer now.
Information about 1994 Harley-davidson FXR for sale on this page. See price and photos of the FXR Harley-davidson Purple
434 miles on brand new over hauled engine.Every Bearing, Gasket, Seal replaced.Axtell 85 kit Bored for 3.570 x 1.400 Fltop top PistonsHeadworkDual Fire IgnitionEVL-3030 CamChrommoly Spring Kit in HeadsZippers Chain ConversionDual Brembo Front Calipers with Kelvar PadsS&S Hydraulic LiftersS&S Hi Volume Oil PumpTri Star Fuel Sending UnitDZ Wiring Harness ExtendedWest Coast T bars 14 inchUpgraded Dyna controlsDyna 39mm frontend- completely overhauled. with Racetech Springs.Reproduction FXRT FairingFXRT Reproduction Clamshell Bags.Compufire IgnitionVulcan Engineering Shifter Sleeve and Plate13.5 Black Hills Series Adjustable Racing ShocksIntegrated Black Hills Billet Tail LightMustang FastBack Seat- Brand NewPassenger back rest and luggage rack.Barnett Kevlar Clutch with Extra PlateS&S Adjustable Pushrods.Brand New ThunderheaderAll Magnum Black Per CablingNew OEM inner primary.New Lithium Ion Battery with charger.Moto Illumination LED headlight (2)Pengel Fuel ValveTank cleaned and resealed.New swing arm bearings.New neck bearingsMichelin commander II tires,New Alloy Art motor mount.Super E carbStock Crash bar not installed Fresh powdercoat.

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Item Information

Item ID: 94524
Motorcycle location: Yukon, Oklahoma, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.11.2018
Views: 83
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1994 Harley-davidson FXR Used 85L
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