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1995 Harley-davidson Softail Used 1340L

$ 8850

Sub Model (Optional):Springer Badboy FXSTSB
Exterior Color:Triple Black with Blue scallop inlay
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Engine Size (cc):1340
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Nice see pics, needs new rear tire, has sticky rear caliper.”
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Seller Description

Please, read the entire listing and enlarge and look at all pics as its important for your info and not to miss anything.Harley Davidson FXSTSB BADBOY limited edition collectors motorcycle, have owned for 15+ years was Willie G. Davidsons hot rod design with its more aggressivelyraked springer front end unlike all other laid back Softails models made and it has been considered a modern collectible throughout all these years with only approximately1,344 made in this color for that year and Harley only produced this model for three years. I've invested a lot into the bike with lots of new OEM Harley Davidson parts throughout my ownership and probably have about $12k into herto dateincluding what I paid for her. The Carlini chrome torque arm and Cycle Shack pipes with performance baffles, which has an incredibly nice sound of its own and its pretty loud too and the backrest were on the bike when I purchased it. This motorcycle is in excellent condition overall as you can probably see for yourself in the pictures and even though its not perfect it always draws a crowd just about everywhere you go with her and its always run just great and it handles and brakes well too, this is just a nice good looking, solid, great running, great sounding limited edition collectors motorcycle that will or should never go down in its value and is a great daily rider.It was always parked in my living room as you can see in one picuntil I moved to GA. 3-1/2yrs. agoand I've always owned 2 Harleys so its been winter stored in my cabin as seen in pic with my other Harley.Spring 2018, installed new primary chain, gears and tensioner, had a SS intake with SnS super E carb installed and rebuilt the rear brake caliper as it was sticking, spring 2019 installed new rear brake master cylinder, brake lines and all the brake fluids got a flush n fill including the front then in the fall of 2020 the rear brake caliper started sticking again, think its from non use but still used it like that just brought along a small rubber malletso if it was sticking I'djust reach back at any stop and tap the caliper and unstuck it every time, may need another rebuild or maybe better yet, just time for a new one, cheap aftermarket one's on eBay, also in summer of 2020 installed a new set of the front end springer lower rocker bearings along with a new front tire, tube, rim strip on the 90 spoked rim, got fresh motor oil and filter, fresh synthetic transmission fluid, fresh synthetic primary fluid too and not even 150 miles on bike since these all that was done. I have not taken it out of winter storage yet due to the cold n rainy weather however in anticipation on April 9th 2021 purchased a brand new Diehard Gold battery for it as existing battery on a tender wasn'tcharging and itwas eight years old so it has a fresh new battery that will be installed when taken out of storage. TheseHarley Davidson bad boy's can sell to upwards of $15,000 or more if in like new condition with low mileage and so being in very good to excellent condition even with higher mileage got to be worth somewhere around $9000 and as it needs a rear tire and that caliper rebuilt or replaced fair offers considered.
Information about 1995 Harley-davidson Softail for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Softail Harley-davidson Triple Black with Blue scallop inlay
At 63 and after 46yrs of 2 wheels I'm now physically disabled and recently my hip joint is going too so everything I do is a job that hurts and I can't do much anymore including riding and they need to be ridden and kept up but even doing simple maintenance or detailing hurts so I'vejust got to let em go and even though aint perfect I can'timagine any be any disappointments, just have a new rear tire installed and the rear caliper that's sticking dealt with and you'll have a nice collector bike that you can enjoy as a regular daily rider. The bike comes with a real Harley Davidson service manual, a extra oil filter, a extra new set of foot pegs and a extra like new rear tail light lens, a special tool for doing front end adjustments and a ok used bike cover too.
MYOTHER HARLEY IS A 99 SUPER GLIDE SPORT I'VE OWNED SINCE NEW, HAS ONLY 13,000 MILES ON IT AND EXCELLENT CONDITION NEEDS NOTHING see in one pic,Harley made them for only 3yrs too. Dynoed @92hp n 90ft lbs torque I will be selling that one next or will sell both now as a package deal for $14,000, want to know more here's the upcoming eBaylisting on it as, its not included in this listing for the BADBOY bike;
Originalowner selling 1999 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport "FXDX" in originalDiamond Ice factory paint and aluminum tubeless mag wheels. Harley Davidson only produced this bike for three years and its bound to be yet another limited edition collectors Harley Davidson.It needs nothing and with only 13,000 miles on it and I've only used Mobil One 20-50W full synthetic oil designed specifically for V-Twin air cooled motorcycle engines, the transmission and primary drive ever since after the 1st dealers service. Runs just like new and I can't imagine anyone could possible have any disappointments with this motorcycle as its in excellent condition, a great ride, great handling, great running bike and it's fast. Options include a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle front fork brace and an additional 6 position aluminum steering dampener and Progressive springs installed in the front fork tubes and Progressive rear performance shocks, this performance suspension upgrade lowered the bike 1-1/2", also it has the optional and functional Harley Davidson quarter fairing w/adjustable windscreen, Kuryakyn halogen running lights to compliment the halogen headlight so everyone can see you coming and aftermarket amber running lights/signals too and the optional Harley Davidson lower air dam directing cool air where it needs to be, narrowed handlebars and a nice comfy low profile Lepara seat giving it a even lower center of gravity, it handles very well. It's setup for a solo rider now without the mini backrest and the passenger section of the Lepara seat removed with a Mustang bibb in its place, those parts are of course included and easily re-installed if so wanted, it has has rear red signal and brake bullet lights in and it comes with a new battery w/tender, a ok used bike cover, a owners manual, a service manual and a performance manual too.Engine power improvements done at certified dealership by a certified tech all done when the bike was only a couple of years old and with low mileage. To start with the stock dual cams that utilized a chain, gears and nylon tensioners to keep it tight and timed properly were all completely removed and replaced with SnS high performance 510G direct gear driven cams and the ignition was upgraded with the Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle high performance ignition system with a 6200 rpm rev limiter, Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle spark plugs, Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle 8MM ignition wires and the carburetor was re-worked with the adjustment plug removed and a Dynojet Thunder jetting kit for dyno tuning, a Dynojet plastic slide kit for quiker response, and a Dynojet Thunder high top diaphragm cover kit which gives the slide more height for more fuel, then added a KnN washable reusable performance air filter kit and to compliment everything and finish the package we added the best in the business Thunder Header for the best performance ever. After the dealer finished installing all the upgrades they dyno tuned it twice, 1st with stock pipes with the plugs removed and it dynoed at 87.6HP with 86ft lbs torque, then because the dealers tech who did all the upgrades told me I need to put a Thunder header on it assuring me that I'd gain a lot more power and torque his words were "the best bang for the buck" so I decided to go for it as that header is extremely expensive but I bought the header and installed it and next time with the header and additional dyno tuning for carb jetting/adjustments it dynoed at 92hp with 90ft lbs so this bike has tons of powerband in every gear and it screams and pulls hard never missing a beat, it is very fast and on top of that it handles very well with the Progressive performance suspension and the brakes are very good too and I even had the rear rotor professionally drilled to match the front as the rear one did not come drilled from the factory, I had the Screaming Eagle logo etched into the primary inspection cover for looks and a friend hand painted the Wil E. coyote scene on fairing lexan. Setup as solo rider but comes with the Lepara backseat section and the mini backrest too.May not be perfect but it is almost in like new condition and you'd be hard pressed to find one like it as it looks nicer than some only a couple years old if that, its a 1 owner bike with low miles and Harley manufactured for only 3yrs. so its bound to be a collectable soon, it's fast and reliable, has a super nice suspension, great brakes, its in incredible nice condition, great looking and comfortable Lepara seat package with mini backrest and it's ready to go with new battery and fresh oil everywhere, it's a great price and you won't/can't find a nicer one especially at this price anywhere, no way no how so go look at almost new ones before looking at this one and compare for yourself. Payment is at pickup so if you don't like it you don't but it, we'll just cancel the transaction with eBayso I get the listing /sale fees credited back. If interested in both bikes please contact me and we'll arrange the sale for both.
Please read the payment instructions as payment is at pickup unless we make other arrangementsin advance so to understand and to agree to how to pay before you purchase the motorcycle and we have no issues between us and or eBay and please check my sellers feedback about my past sales as I'm a longtime member always with 100% feedback whether as a buyer or seller.

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Item ID: 213304
Sale price: $ 8850
Motorcycle location: Cleveland, Georgia, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 3.05.2021
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1995 Harley-davidson Softail Used 1340L
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