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1995 Maserati Ghibli Used

Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Maserati Ghibli Diesel 3.0 250hp
19 "alloy wheels
Privacy glasses
Front and rear parking sensors
Rear parking camera
Electric tailgate
Seats in brown total leather
Satellite navigator
Electric front seats with memory
External mirrors that can be adjusted and closed electrically
Multifunction steering wheel
cruise control
Dual-zone automatic climate control
Light and rain sensor
Keyless go Access
Logo Maserati on the headrests
Entrance threshold in aluminum with Maserati writing
Central front armrest
Bluetooth with speakerphone
Electric lumbar support
Tire pressure indicator
no smoker
The sale includes 4 snow tires (they traveled less than 300 km) in addition to the 4 summer tires that have covered 10,000 km.
The car is in Italy for shipping in the container will require about 40/60 days after the bank transfer we request personal documents to process the export and customs and copy bank transfer. free shipping
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Item Information

Item ID: 112538
Car location: Borbiago, Italy
Last update: 25.03.2019
Views: 17
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1995 Maserati Ghibli Used
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