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1995 Triumph Thunderbird

$ 915

1995 Triumph Thunderbird for Sale
1995 Triumph Thunderbird for Sale1995 Triumph Thunderbird for Sale
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Cash Paid!

I am always buying vintage motorcycles and parts

Fair prices paid, travel nationwide

1995 Triumph Thunderbird 900  Project

Purchased as part of a large lot of bikes and parts from the elderly former owner who owned it since 2000

It has not been started in five years, but was reportedly running when parked

All electrics work, and engine turns over with compression

Not currently running, it's a project

Interior of gas tank has old fuel in it and will need to be flushed, possibly sealed

19,370 miles

I will assist with shipping


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Item information

Sale price: $ 915
Motorcycle location: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 16.03.2019
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1995 Triumph Thunderbird
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