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1996 Ford F-150 Used Automatic 5.8 high performanceL Extended Cab Pickup

Interior Color:Gray
Number of Cylinders:8
Engine:5.8 high performance
Body Type:Extended Cab Pickup
Drive Type:4WD
Vehicle Title:Clear
Exterior Color:Red/white
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Clean original paint and interior. I just put over 10k in parts three years ago.5.8 bored.40 over forged pistons new crank rebuilt rods heads shaved 25 thousands three angle valve job with new springs to match crane 284/512 cam. New rebuilt transmission with 2800 stall convertor. All new sensors cooling system exhaust system power steering pump and lines all new brakes calipers drums master cylinder and abs. 6 inch front 4 inch rear tuff country lift with radius arms and soft ride shocks. 35/12.50/15 BFG mud teranes on stock wheels. A/C ice cold never had charge. Everything works like new never off road. 1500 miles on truck since all upgrades were done. Alpine CD player and factory keyless entry. Truck had 4,600 miles when I bought it from the ford dealer in 1997. It was my daily truck for ten years then decided to upgrade to what I wanted.
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Truck was a 5.0 originally I installed a air pump delete and did not install cat when custom exhaust was done everything else is like factory installed. Truck will not leave until payment clears the bank thanks.

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Item Information

Item ID: 113888
Car location: Ridgely, Maryland, United States
For sale by: Owner
Last update: 3.04.2019
Views: 272
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1996 Ford F-150 Used Automatic 5.8 high performanceL Extended Cab Pickup
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