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1996 Ford F-250 Used Pickup Truck 5.9 cummins dieselL Diesel Manual

$ 14700

Body Type:Pickup Truck
Drive Type:4WD
Engine:5.9 cummins diesel
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:White
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Sub Model:4x4 Super Cab Styleside 138.8 in. WB (STD is Estimated)
Fuel Type:Diesel
Interior Color:Gray
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Exterior Color:White
Manufacturer Interior Color:Gray
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Brad or Jason Fruend
[hidden information]
2177 West Outer Hwy 61
Moscow Mills Missouri 63362
1996 Ford F-250 5.9 cummins diesel swap 12 valve manual transmission 4wd clean
Vehicle Information
5-Speed Manual
5.9 cummins diesel
We are happy to assist with your transportations arrangements for you. A licensed and bonded trucking company will be hired to pick your vehicle up in Missouri, and deliver it directly to you. Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost.Want to fly into St. Louis, MO. and drive your purchase home? We can assist you in your transfer from Lambert International Airport (STL). Just let us know what time your flight lands and we will pick you up.Please know that our vehicles are for sale at all times. It is not unusual for a listing to end early and for the vehicle to be Sold immediately. If you have a genuine interest in one of our listings, Please do not hesitate to CALL US and discuss the opportunity to purchase. Most of our listings end with just a phone call. Thank you for looking and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business Brad Fruend[hidden information]
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Options and Standard Features
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual OD HD
Basic Information
Stock Number: B55892
VIN Number: 1FTHX26G5TEB55892
Style Name: Cummins 2 Dr
Make: Ford
Model: F-250
Model Year: 1996
Type: Pickup
Interior Color: Gray
Exterior Color: White
Body Type: Super Cab
Engine Description: 5.9 Cummins Diesel
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Induction: MPI
Valves Per Cylinder: 2
Aspiration: Normal
4WD Type: Part-Time
Driven Wheels: Four-Wheel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Wheels Rims: Steel
Drive Train Type: 4WD
Roof and Glass
Privacy Glass: Light
In Car Entertainment
Audio System: AM
Front Seat Type: Bench
Upholstery: Vinyl
Steering Power: Power Steering
Power Mirrors: Manual
Bumpers: Chrome
Length: 219.1 Inches
Width: 79.0 Inches
Wheelbase: 138.8 Inches
Max Gross Vehicle Weight: 8,800 Lbs.
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Fruendly Auto Source
2177 West Outer Hwy 61
Moscow Mills Missouri 63362
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Ask for:Brad or Jason Fruend
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Main:[hidden information]
Mon-Fri:09:00 AM-05:00 PM CST
Saturday:09:00 AM-12:00 PM CST
CALL US ANYTIME: [hidden information] BRAD FRUEND
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Information about 1996 Ford F-250 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the F-250 Ford White 5.9 cummins diesel
Manufacturers warranties may still apply. Extended warranty may be available, e-mail or phoneJASON or BRAD FRUENDat [hidden information] for details. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids. Taxes and Registration fees: Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title service fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full in order for vehicle to be titled and registered.
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[hidden information] within 24 hours of the auction ending to make arrangements to complete their transaction. If we cannot confirm your intention to buy or the sale is not completed within 5 days, we reserve the right to relist this vehicle or sell to any other qualified buyer. In order to secure bid on vehicle, Successful bidder (BUYER) must within 24 hours of bid closing send to Seller a Deposit in the amount of 10% by major credit card, cash in person or bank certified funds. Within 72 hours of bid closing, Buyer must send balance of funds by cash in person or bank certified funds to Seller. At time of sending initial deposit, Buyer MUST fax copy of their State issued valid Driver Licence. Furthermore, before said vehicle is released for shipment to Buyer, all other Sale related and title related paperwork must be signed and returned complete to Seller.
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THIS TRUCK IS POWERED BY AN INTERCOOLED 12 VALVE 5.9 CUMMINS DIESEL AND HAS A ZF5 MANUAL TRANSMISSION WITH A SOUTH BEND CLUTCH. THE TRUCK RUNS AND DRIVES VERY GOOD. THIS IS A NICE CLEAN TRUCK THAT WAS SWAPPED TO A CUMMINS DIESEL VERY NICE. THE ENGINE HAS NO BLOW BUY AND RUNS VERY GOOD. THIS IS A GOOD SOLID TRUCK. LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND CALL OR EMAIL ?S[hidden information]BRAD FRUEND[hidden information]We are happy to assist with your transportations arrangements for you. A licensed and bonded trucking company will be hired to pick your vehicle up in Missouri, and deliver it directly to you. Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost.Want to fly int

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Item Information

Item ID: 188365
Sale price: $ 14700
Car location: Moscow Mills, Missouri, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 24.10.2020
Views: 21
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1996 Ford F-250 Used Pickup Truck 5.9 cummins dieselL Diesel Manual
Current customer rating: 3 out of 5 based on 5 votes

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