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1996 Yellow Triumph Daytona T595 Spares Or Repair Project

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V5 Registration Document:Present
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Seller Description

Up for sale is this 1996 triumph Daytona T595 in yellow which is being sold as spares or repair or a nice little project for someoneThis bike has been stood for over 4 years since I got it, I have put fresh fuel with a new a battery on the bike but it will not start, turns over really well but just won’t fire up.
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It has got an aftermarket immobiliser fitted to the bike and I think it might be this that is stopping it from firing upThe bike was very dirty when I got it after being sat, it has a good clean up and some black touch up paint to make it look fresh.The bike will need some bits doing to make it all road worthy again, will need new front tyres as is perished, left fork seal leaks, brakes will need stripping cleaned and new seals as is binding, indicators will need looking at as a couple of them are not workingThe bike overall is ok for its age, does have a crack in the right fairing as per the pictures and the tank has had some bubblingThe bike will come with the high level carbon fibre exhaust, the seat cowl, tinted front screenThe bike has covered 32k milesThere is one key with the bikeI am just waiting on the logbook to arrive in my name, if not received by the end of the auction a receipt will be given,This will make a nice little project for someone as these are a great bikeAny questions then please askPayment is cash on collection or bank transferI am happy for bike couriers to collect

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Item ID: 212126
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.04.2021
Views: 7
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1996 Yellow Triumph Daytona T595 Spares Or Repair Project
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