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1997 Ford F-250 Heavy Duty

$ 1500

Seller Description

Our 1997 Ford F-250 has an extended cab and is powered by the preferable 7.3 Liter Heavy Duty Power Stroke Diesel. The engine and transmission are in excellent condition and have been faithfully serviced. Interior is cloth and in good condition. Exterior is clean, no dents or other damage. There is some paint fading on the hood. Truck is equipped with Pyrometer, Heavy Duty Suspension, Tow package and Rear Hitch, AM/FM Radio with CD Player. The Rear Window has a Slider. Tires are in good condition and a full sized spare is included.
Although Buyer is responsible for shipping, i will do everything possible to assist and facilitate in that process once arrangements have been made.

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Item Information

Item ID: 242553
Sale price: $ 1500
Car location: Sonoita, Arizona, United States
Last update: 23.11.2021
Views: 4
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1997 Ford F-250 Heavy Duty
Current customer rating: 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

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