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1997 Ural Sportsman

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Seller Description

1997 Ural Sportsman 650
If you are not familiar with the 650cc Urals please do some reasearch. These are not able to go interstate speeds. Max cruising speed is approx 50mph.
Full Time 2WD
Starts / Runs / Rides Perfectly
Nice example with much work done. Serious buyers should send a number and I will go over all details about the bike, and answer all questions over the phone.
The 2 batterys are there for ballast weight to give the driven sidecar wheel full traction. It works great, and yes they are connected and work fine.
Included but not pictured are- Bench seat and passenger pegs, Luggage rack(over spare tire), and a windshield(will need mounts)

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Item Information

Item ID: 249669
Motorcycle location: Great Cacapon, West Virginia, United States
Last update: 7.01.2022
Views: 52
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1997 Ural Sportsman
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