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Used 1998 Buell Lightning Used

Vehicle Title:Clean
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Seller Description

Hello up for auction here is my one of a kind 1998 Buell S1W, yes this is a s1w.
I purchased this from a Guy that I know who purchased it from and estate . The bike had a poor black paint job and had been sitting in the garage for awhile. I cleaned the mikuni 42mm flat side in the ultrasonic cleaner and replaced all internal consumable parts. the top end was removed and inspected then ball honed and all new gaskets and rings replaced.

the front tire was replaced and basically the bike was gone over to make it a rider. as you can see the swing arm has been replaced with a custom made 30 inch long chrome one (perfect for hole shots!) haha. Since I have had the bike it has never been to the strip or abused in anyway. I have several other bikes and only rode this to the Harley shop or to bike night and bike rally's so most the time it sets and I'm getting older and would like to pass it on.
It needs nothing and starts right up and runs good with no leaks. Most everything on it is Chrome, the chrome is pretty nice but there are a few areas starting to rust but still in great shape for the most part. the paint is very nice and shinny and was done by a professional motorcycle painter, there are a few chips that can be seen in the photo. to start it it has the regular key then a push button on the starter, there are no turn signals or horn and instead of the mono shock is a chrome strut that can be seen in photo under bike. Its pretty loud with a custom altered force race exhaust but sounds really good. . The bike is a big time head turner and just really cool looking, it is a very clean bike and would be nice to ride around or just have in your mancave or in your office for display. I really want to get $7000 but am open to all offers , worse I can say is no. shipping is responsibility of buyer, I will assist your shipper, click on the video link below to see more and hear it roar! Please ask any questions and thank you for looking
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Item Information

Item ID: 236102
Motorcycle location: Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
Last update: 30.09.2021
Views: 132
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1998 Buell Lightning Used
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