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1998 Harley-davidson Touring Used

$ 13500

Vehicle Title:Salvage
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1998 HARLEY DAVIDSON ROAD GLIDE TRIKE 95 ANNIVERSARY ESPECIAL EDITION fuel injection, raked with HHI 26 inch kit with brand new fat king spoke wheel, and metzeler front tire, screaming eagle 6 speed transmission, Lehman trike kit, with brand new tires.and 2016 rearHarleyDavidson wheels brand new charging system, brand new battery, brand new front pads, led tail lights, hitch, I bought this trike salvage as a project to do a bagger trike witch is 85% done runs an drive great all it needs is paint job to you preferred color, ready for Daytona fl or sturgis SD or any where you want to go, only 800 motorcycles 2 wheels was made this year this probably is one of the few if not the only trike was made this year this is the 218/800 this is the only road glide trike on the market most of them are with street glide batwing fairing don't miss the opportunity to own this unique piece of history I will consider a decent offer, serious buyer only, this trike is selling locally I have the right to end this listing at any time the trike need a paint job Im working on the details to get it ready for paint I changed thefront fender for large one and better looking one also remove theobsolete intercom dash and theobsoleteradio and replaced the rear shocks, now if I paint the trike I may notsell it any moremy idea is to paint the trike same as the the red sample photo if you have any questions please contact me at any time please do not bet if youdon't have thefounds or not intend to buy it someone make an offer and never paid please don't waist your time
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Item Information

Item ID: 189625
Sale price: $ 13500
Motorcycle location: El Paso, Texas, United States
Last update: 1.11.2020
Views: 16
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1998 Harley-davidson Touring Used
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