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2000 Mercedes Benz E240 wagon no registration

$ 682

2000 Mercedes Benz E240 wagon no registration for Sale
2000 Mercedes Benz E240 wagon no registration for Sale2000 Mercedes Benz E240 wagon no registration for Sale
Date of Manufacture:01/2000
Model:E 240
Body Type:Station Wagon
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller


This lovely wagon previously served as our family car, but may need more work than I can afford. She has been waiting for a while for me to decide what to do with her, and now she has to go.

This vehicle will be sold unregistered and would suit someone looking for parts or wanting to restore.

Features: 7 seats, including a fold down seat in the boot. Airbags on all sides. The E240 is rated one of the safest vehicles in its class. Leather seats (the driver's seat is a bit worn). Flash interior that has seen a bit of wear. The stereo works fine but I can't remember the code.

Radiator has been replaced, gear box worked fine, barely used tyres (although one of the front tyres is a bit flat), I believe the lower ball joints, control arms and steering rack ends had been replaced. The car ticked off all the boxes (lights, blinkers, brakes) at its last service.

Not so great features: Cracked left side mirror. The lever to lower the back seat is broken. The lever to open the bonnet is broken, which is a bit of a problem, and why I can't show pictures of the engine. There was a bit of a suspension squeak in the rear left wheel. There is some rust, on the back door, and in various small places around the car. There's a crack in the front bumper and some dents.
The big issue is the engine. It was working when I last drove it, but I had some issues with the oil and water and had a flush of Chemiweld put through to keep it all sealed. While that did the job and I drove it for probably a month before she retired, I can't guarantee that there aren't bigger problems with the engine, like a head gasket. It has been two years since I've driven it.

I haven't started it recently, and the battery is completely flat and will need a jump.The electronic key probably works (it was replaced just before the car went into retirement) but not without battery power in the vehicle. It has a manual key for the driver's door.

You'll need a car trailer to take this lady away.

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Sale price: $ 682
Car location: Lismore, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.06.2018
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2000 Mercedes Benz E240 wagon no registration
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