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2001 Honda Gold Wing

$ 3000

2001 Honda Gold Wing for Sale
2001 Honda Gold Wing for Sale2001 Honda Gold Wing for Sale
Condition:Used Seller Notes
Exterior Color:Burgundy
Engine Size (cc):1,832
Model:Gold Wing
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):Goldwing
Seller Notes:“Nice riding bike, no issues at all. No funny noises, no smoke, rides smoothly, shifts nicely, good power, handles well, sweet bike! Original owner's health forces sale. New windshield. Recent battery. CB radio. Heated grips.”
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This is a nice running, nice riding Goldwing 1800.  No Issues.  No funny noises or smoke.  Shifts perfectly, rides smoothly, a sweet bike.  Buy and ride me home.  Original owner's health dictates sale.  I does run like a brand new bike!  CB radio, heated grips, accessory chrome accents, High visibility accessory brake lights, accessory rear foot pegs for short legged passengers.  To my knowledge, no one has ever broken a Goldwing 1800 that was not ridden with out oil.  There is no known upper limit to the number of miles that these bikes can achieve.  They are that good.  I made a short video that will be available on YouTube.  Enter in the search field: Woodbine NJ Goldwing

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Sale price: $ 3000
Motorcycle location: Woodbine, New Jersey, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 23.09.2018
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2001 Honda Gold Wing
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