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2002 Audi A8 Used

$ 3400

Vehicle Title:Clean

Seller Description

Very rare. Beautiful Example of a car that there are not many around anymore. Work done in the past two months.... Fuel pump with proper gasket kit, three oxygen sensors, two fog lamp bulbs, two license plate bulbs, oil change, brake fluid flush, both valve cover gaskets, serpentine belt, oil pan reseal, new oil level sensor, coolant flush. I estimated at a garage or the dealer parts and labor would be about 2800 dollars.
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All lights, radio, seats, wipers, horn etc work. Headliner, dashboard, door panels and seats are in great condition. Transmission shifts smooth. AC could use a recharge. Tires and brakes are all in good condition and ready to go. The car has an exhaust leak at the center pipe. there's a hole in it. Could use a new pipe, or weld the hole shut. The check engine light comes on from time to time but runs fine. I was told that the light comes on from autozone due to the exhaust leak. Doesnt run bad at all. Engine runs smooth. Its not that loud but noticeable. The windshield is cracked. I described the car to the best of my knowledge. Car has double pane windows and sunshades. Clean title. Car is being sold as-is. Low ballers will not be responded to. It is only going up in value as there are barely any of these for sale, let alone in this good of condition. I have the receipts for all the work I said was done. Check, there are four of these on there all going for 5k and over. Thank you. Call with any questions or to schedule a test drive. Thank you.

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Item ID: 218798
Sale price: $ 3400
Car location: Trumbull, Connecticut, United States
Last update: 7.06.2021
Views: 4
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2002 Audi A8 Used
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