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2002 Ferrari 575 Black

$ 39999

:“575 Ferrari.hit a pylon on the right side while driving low at low speed in a parking lot. replaced the right front fender and right door all oem parts used. No air bags deployed , no frame damage. Paint was matched to original. Car needs a windshield. Runs and drives perfect zero issues. We have original rims and canter caps , it’s riding on brand new 19 inch staggered HRE rims and pirelli P zero tires car has had recent oil and filter change”Year:2002VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):Zffbv55a820127401Mileage:20751Engine:V12Model:575Safety Features:Driver Airbag, Side AirbagsDrive Side:Left-hand driveInterior Color:TanFor Sale By:Private SellerExterior Color:Tour de France BlueTrim:BlackVehicle Title:SalvageOptions:CD Player, Leather SeatsPower Options:Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power SeatsNumber of Cylinders:12Transmission:F1 automaticFuel Type:GasolineMake:FerrariDrive Type:RWDBody Type:CoupeWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

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Item Location:Independence, Oregon, United States

Shipping to: United States

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2002 Ferrari 575 marenello ,F1 transmission new clutch , runs and drives excellent. 20k original miles. Tour de France blue with tan leather interior with blue piping. Cd changer in trunk , factory owners manual. No tools. Brand new 19 inch HRE staggered rims with pirelli P zero tires. This car has a salvage Oregon title. No airbags were deployed in a low speed parking lot accident. The driver hit a pylon that creased the right front fender and right front door. We opted to replace the fender and door with mint used Ferrari parts.

The body work needed was very minimal. zero frame damage ,zero suspension damage , Paint is matched perfectly and the accident cannot be detected. Questions [hidden information] The best price I can find on a factory windshield is 2k in Europe. The car is a blast to drive , it could use a detail , we have recites for all parts and work done to repair the car. Very reasonable reserve , Tho not desperate to sell . This car is gorgeous and I love the HRE rims , factory rims are included they have minor curb rash. Car is missing small covers that cover electrics in the engine compartment. Very solid straight Car , fantastic opportunity to get into a V12 Ferrari for at A bargain price ,this car was but back together professionally and done right. BID TO WIN !!!!!

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Item Information

Item ID: 242481
Sale price: $ 39999
Car location: Independence, Oregon, United States
Last update: 23.11.2021
Views: 4
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2002 Ferrari 575 Black
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