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2002 Honda Gold Wing

$ 7250

2002 Honda Gold Wing for Sale
2002 Honda Gold Wing for Sale2002 Honda Gold Wing for Sale
Exterior Color:Black
Model:Gold Wing
Engine Size (cc):1835
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Beautifully kept 2002 Goldwing 1800 with lots of brand new chrome
accessories. The bike is in perfect condition, most of the chrome you
see is brand new, backrest too, well over $6000 in accessories alone,
light strips and trim, not much else you can add. Runs great, strong and
smooth. I just serviced it, fresh synthetic oil change and Tribotex
additive. 149k miles. I am offering all my gear as well. Everything is
brand new except for the chrome and flowered helmets shown. Includes the
following: 2 Riding Jackets, matching, one is XL one is L, both brand
new. 5 brand new helmets, one set of SENA headphones, attached to two of
the helmets. 2 pair riding gloves, brand new. One pair of riding boots,
size 10, only worn about 3 times for short rides. 3 pair of riding
paints, 2 are brand new, size 34 / 32 Kevlar. And brand new rain gear,
"Storm Rider" If you don't want all the gear, just make a offer.

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Sale price: $ 7250
Motorcycle location: Woodland Hills, California, United States
Last update: 31.12.2018
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2002 Honda Gold Wing
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