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2002 Kawasaki Other

$ 610

Vehicle Title:Clear


2002 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000 with 3000 miles in excellent condition top to bottom, with the 2002 silver color . You will have a hard time finding another one in this condition with very low miles. This is a carbureted motorcycle .  Riser blocks were installed under the handlebars and a footpeg lowering kit installed as well which all can be removed if desired. Bike also comes with givi lockable side bags. I do not have the stock bags for this bike . Paint is in excellent condition seat excellent with no rips and the tires are in great shape as well. Only negative on this bike would be that if you don't drive the bike  for a while the clutch grabs a bit when you drop it in gear the first time and the bike will jerk forward  a little bit but it will only do it that one time  and then perfect the rest of the day. Perhaps the clutch plates are worn a bit. Besides that this is a great looking great running bike that idles perfect and rides straight down the road as it should.

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Sale price: $ 610
Motorcycle location: New Milford, Connecticut, United States
Last update: 1.07.2018
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2002 Kawasaki Other
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