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2003 Harley-davidson Touring Used

$ 0

Sub Model (Optional):Road King Side Car
Exterior Color:Silver
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Show Condition - Used mainly in parade events. Owned by a Harley enthusiast”
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Seller Description

Ordered from Crossroads HD in Wilksboro, NC in 2003 - 2003 Harley Road King with a factory ordered Harley Sidecar with its own VIN#.Both was factory ordered new by first owner on the same date and was delivered from Harley as a factory bike combination. The seller is the 2nd owner. Asrecommendedby Harley, bike was ridden
approximately 1000 miles before it was brought back to the selling dealer for
service, and at that time, the sidecar was mounted.Bike comes with all factory leather bags in great condition, both windshields for the bike and sidecar.Since then, the bike has
only been used in parades, and shown at local shows. Odometer now shows 1780 miles,
and the bike and the sidecar has always been stored covered in a climate
controlled garage, and has never seen rain, snow or wet roads. The bike has
numerous factory options, including all original paperwork, and the Gold Key
package.VIN number for Sidecars is: 1HD8SNX4X3T[hidden information]. This is a one of a kind
bike, try finding another one with this low mileage and in this condition.Owner will assist with shipping, either nationally
or internationally, but all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.Buy it
Now option.Kevin 310.480.0010.
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Item ID: 218452
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Kemah, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 5.06.2021
Views: 3
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2003 Harley-davidson Touring Used
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