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2004 Buell Firebolt Used 1203L

Exterior Color:Flat Black/Flat Blue
Engine Size (cc):1203
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):XB12R
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Excellent used bike, fully powdercoated, wear condition listed in description”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Up for sale is my beloved liquid-cooled 2004 Buell Firebolt
XB12R, with 8995 miles. I have owned this bike since 2008, I am the second
owner (purchased with 478 miles on the odometer). I have lost interest in
riding altogether and decided to let someone else enjoy this one-off custom
bike.Factory specs 103HP TQ, 392lbs weight, 1203cc V-twin, 5-speed, belt driven. Please Google the full spec sheet to get familiar.
In 2011 I decided to convert the bike to water cooling,
using a rear mounted radiator with the goal of feeling cooler while riding in
hot Florida.
Information about 2004 Buell Firebolt for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Firebolt Buell Flat Black/Flat Blue
Initially worked on liquid cooling both the head and cylinders,
however the porous head castings did not take the welding of the water jackets
well and I scrapped them, replaced with another set of XB12R heads (new valves,
seals). Continued the build with water cooled cylinders, electric water pump
(VW Passat aftercooler) 10” radiator fan (operated by the ECU like the factory
fan) and a radiator out of a 1200cc Kawasaki. After I got the entire liquid
cooling setup done I decided to do some powdercoating. In flat black: frame
(tank), fairing stay, swingarm, belt idler bracket, triple tree (upper and
lower), front engine mount. In wrinkle black: engine covers, rear frame, catch
can, radiator, radiator shroud, valve covers. In Flat intense blue: wheels, rear
belt pulley, idler pulley, heel guards. In amber: front fork tubes. Ceramic
coated: header and muffler. Body plastics have been painted flat black.
List of modifications:
HID 6000K low and high beam headlights
Headlight surrounds painted in silver
Headlight bezels painted in anthracite
Zero Gravity Windscreen
Bar end mirrors
Upper triple clamp modified, handlebar position
moved 1” up and 1” rearward
Momentary switch on right switchgear to activate
exhaust valve (make some noise)
05+ intake screen installed on the airbox cover
Reusable mushroom-type air filter
Custom made catch can with drain petcock
Shoray Lithium battery with matching charger
($300 value), installed in November 2018, has warranty through Cycle Gear
Original Buell right side air scoop
Buell 1125R seat (non-perforated)
Rear belt pulley drill-relieved on corners of
all teeth (to let dirt escape)
Ducati rear hugger
LED tail lamp with brake-activated strobe
Tidy tag plate bracket
Enlarged tail cover side openings
XBS 1” lower foot pegs
Coolant temperature gauge installed in the
instrument cluster
Cooling openings added in tail cover behind seat
for extra airflow to the cooling fan.
Fan low speed activates at 165F, high speed at
Brass oil pump bushing replaced around at ~7000
odometer miles (2000 miles ago)
LED aftermarket front and rear turn signals
Electronic flasher relay
Soft clutch ramp
Resealed voltage regulator
Removed belt guards
Seat quick disconnect pins
New style tank BUELL logos Cooling system modifications:
Tail mounted radiator, bike is permanently converted to single seat
Aprilia 15psi radiator cap
Custom aluminum overflow tank
VW Passat afercooler 12V electric water pump,
wired to tail lamp (IGN activated)
Custom water jeckets installed on cylinders
Coolant temperature gauge
Battery relocated to airbox cover
Relocated rear brake reservoir
The bike has a Bridgestone Battlax front tire and Dunlop
Sportmax rear tire, both recently replaced and in excellent shape. Original
Buell drive belt. Bike comes with the original Buell key and 2 spare unbranded
keys. Also included are the rear axle removal tool, 2005 parts catalog,
original frame VIN sticker (removed prior to powdercoating).
The bike has usual wear on all items not powdercoated. Items
needing attention:
Muffler has coating chipped on top (old battery leaked on
Rear seat cover needs a better attachment system (still
works but can be improved)
Instrument cluster has a small melted area from an old Zero
Gravity Double Bubble windscreen (common problem, focuses sun and melts it)
Paint on front caliper dirty (brake fluid damage)
Right fork small leak
Right BUELL logo on airbox cover peeled a little in the
Muffler has a small dent on the bottom towards the front,
not visible from the side
Spark plugs are new, air filter is clean, the bike needs
nothing to be used as is. Runs amazing and significantly cooler with the liquid
cooling, a lot of engine heat is transferred to the radiator and dispersed
behind the rider. Both brake rotors recently resurfaced, reinstalled with new
brake pads.
You will never come across another liquid cooled Buell or
any H-D Evo engine in the world! Nearly $2000 spent on this bike’s cooling system
and custom powdercoating!
I am probably forgetting some custom details about the bike,
I am sure you will discover them if you have had another Firebolt before.I have uploaded a video of the bike on Youtube, showing details and engine running, please search for "Liquid Cooled Buell XB12R Firebolt" by Coolflames1979bgI also have a matching AXIO hardshell backpack available to the buyer for extra $150.

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Item Information

Item ID: 112615
Motorcycle location: Orlando, Florida, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 26.03.2019
Views: 89
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2004 Buell Firebolt Used 1203L
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