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2004 Honda Valkyrie Used 1832L

Exterior Color:Carbon Fiber Gray/Black
Engine Size (cc):1832
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):RUNE
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Muscle Cruiser
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Description - [email protected]@K at this JEWEL!
Rare - 2004 Honda Custom Carbon Fiber Valkyrie Rune NRX1800 Chrome Edition -
Just over 9000 actual original miles and absolutely IMMACULATE! It is mechanically
solid (runs flawlessly), is cosmetically “One of a Kind” and draws a huge crowd
no matter where it is! Completely gone through from top to bottom - Brand New
Dunlop Tires Front and Rear, Brand New EBC HH Sintered Brake Pads Front and
Rear, Brand New Yuasa Sealed Battery, Complete Fluid Service With Amsoil Full
Synthetic Oil, Brand New Air Filter, Brand New Iridium Spark Plugs, All New
Amsoil Brake Fluid in All Brake and Clutch Reservoirs and Both Systems
Completely Flushed - Complete Cooling System Flush and Fill - The Carbon Fiber
Custom Wrap is Brand New as Well with Custom Oversized Rune Logo - This is an
AMAZING Bike, unlike any other Rune you'll find! It has always been garage kept,
adult owned and dealer maintained.
Information about 2004 Honda Valkyrie for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Valkyrie Honda Carbon Fiber Gray/Black
Starts, runs and rides perfectly, as it did
the day it rolled off the Honda showroom - Has always had only the best
products used on it! This bike needs nothing and is ready to
ride! It sounds awesome, is extremely smooth and powerful, handles nicely for a
large motorcycle and stops on a dime. The engine and transmission are very
solid and smooth when in operation and work as they should. This bike does not
have any odd sounds nor does it leak or consume oil. It needs absolutely
nothing except a new owner - I'm the second owner of this bike. I’ve got a ton
of money invested in it and now I'm letting it go, for someone else to enjoy...
This bike will only escalate in value and will be highly collectible in the
future! If you are looking for a very low mileage, well maintained, reasonably
priced, Honda Valkyrie Rune, then this might just be the bike for you. I have many pics of this bike and would like the buyer to know exactly what he or
she is bidding on, no surprises, no gimmicks and no please email me
with any questions and I will be happy to answer them to the best of my
ability. Clean/Clear
Nevada Title in My Name. Reasonably Priced Considering Book Value, Low
Mileage, Overall Immaculate Condition and Total Investment. Buy it Now $18500
Vehicle Condition - As mentioned above this
bike is in exceptionally nice condition! It is in overall excellent condition
for the year and mileage – the pics do not do this bike any justice; it is much
nicer in person. It has not ever been down, wrecked or dropped. This bike has
always been adult owned, garage kept and dealer maintained! I have taken
extreme measures (tires, tune-up, fluid servicing, etc.) to ensure the buyer of
this vehicle will have to do nothing but ride and enjoy this bike as I did with
only routine and preventative servicing. I have described this bike to the best
of my ability and have no knowledge of any defects other than far less than
average wear and tear for a bike of this age and mileage. This bike starts very
easily, warms up quickly and runs super until shut off. It is very powerful,
nimble for a large motorcycle bike, handles extremely well and stops on a dime.
This bike is everything I've said it is and more but I find myself being
conservative when I write these descriptions. If you've been looking for a bike
like this one, I am fairly certain you'll NOT be disappointed with this bike.
This bike is tastefully customized, extremely reliable, starts religiously,
runs incredibly fine and could easily be used as a daily driver. I would drive
this bike from one end of the continent to the other tomorrow with complete
confidence of its reliability. I have set a “Buy it Now” price of $19500.
Please feel free to check my feedback
rating and buy with confidence. This bike is reasonably priced considering age,
pristine condition, book value, mileage and the custom work accomplished. I
believe it is definitely worth the "Buy it Now" price!
Terms of Auction - I would prefer a 10% deposit within 72 hours
of auctions end, balance to be paid within 10 days or upon delivery, whichever
comes first. I will accept PayPal, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Personal Check
or Certified Bank Check as forms of payment. Please allow time for checks to
clear before arranging pick up or delivery. I will assist the buyer with Air or
Ground quotes on shipping, and shipping and delivery arrangements if needed. I
will deliver this bike within the Las Vegas Valley at no additional charge. Please
feel free to contact me for shipping quotes and more information regarding this
bike prior to buying.

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Item Information

Item ID: 105790
Motorcycle location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 7.02.2019
Views: 363
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2004 Honda Valkyrie Used 1832L
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