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2004 Mitsubishi Outlander

$ 2800

2004 Mitsubishi Outlander for Sale
2004 Mitsubishi Outlander for Sale2004 Mitsubishi Outlander for Sale
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:4
Engine:2.4 VVT
Body Type:SUV
Drive Type:FWD
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Exterior Color:Blue
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Selling our 04 Mitsubishi Outlander. It's got the 2.4 VVT engine, with an automatic trans. It's the front wheel drive version (better mpg) The top end of the engine was recently rebuild after the timing belt broke. The head was removed, valve job done, and reinstalled with new timing belt, balance shaft belt, water pump, timing and balance shaft belt tensioners, new accessory belt, intake and exhaust gaskets, and coolant. Oil change done, and AC serviced. Also replaced the problematic AC control head. All work done by Black Rock Automotive. Smog check done last week. Tons of cargo space, and rear seats fold down, allowing someone to sleep inside in a pinch. Also NEW TIRES!

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Sale price: $ 2800
Car location: Sacramento, California, United States
Last update: 9.06.2018
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2004 Mitsubishi Outlander
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