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2004 Toyota Tacoma Used Manual

$ 5050

Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:4WD
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Toyota Tacoma Base 2.7L Regular (single) Cab
4WD, shift-on-the-fly with lever-style engagement
5-speed manual transmission15x7" OEM steel wheels
Stock ride height w/ Bilstein 4600 shocks all around. Truck has never been lifted or modified
W06A rear axleHas ABS, front air bags, air conditioning, power steering
Clean frame replaced in 2012 under the Toyota frame recall. Surface rust on front fender corners, however the cab and bed sides are clean. Has a brand new windshield and a fairly new drop-in bedliner. The parking brake works! Lots of wear items replaced - see list below.
Replaced in the last 9000 miles:
• Suspension (springs, shocks, lower control arms, steering rack bushings).• Brakes (master cylinder w/ OEM, front pads & rotors, rear shoes, drums & wheel cylinders)
• Clutch
• Clutch hydraulics
• Front and rear main seals
• Accessory belts and several vacuum hoses
• Valve shim adjustment• Normal 60k & 120k maintenance items
• Over 70 parts in all. Have receipts and a spreadsheet summarizing the work
One owner for the first 238k miles.
Information about 2004 Toyota Tacoma for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Tacoma Toyota
I am the second owner.
Mechanical items that aren't 100% perfect:- Some rotational play in rear prop shaft, probably due to a worn pinion bearing in the rear axle. U-joints are good and I haven't noticed any driveline vibrations. Front driveline is tight
- Some chatter noises when engaging the clutch. Noises stop once clutch is fully engaged.- 3rd gear is a little notchy. 1st & 2nd gears are fine and the transmission is a long way from needing a rebuild.
- Has the squeaky clutch pedal Tacomas are famous for
This was the last year of the compact body style. The truck is listed to have a 34' turning circle and a curb weight less than 3300 lb. Very maneuverable in parking lots and off pavement yet rides comfortably on the freeway with 2-300 lbs in the bed. Has the equipment to be a future classic yet feel familiar to modern drivers.
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Item ID: 183770
Sale price: $ 5050
Car location: Roanoke, Virginia, United States
Last update: 24.09.2020
Views: 63
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2004 Toyota Tacoma Used Manual
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