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2005 Harley-Davidson Softail

$ 13500

Exterior Color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):Fatboy


2005 Harley Davidson "WILLIE G" Skull Tribute" Edition FatBoy Limited production Skull Edition (7750.00 Add on) Softail Fat Boy. When Harley debuted their new skull logo they built 200 of these Custom Bikes this is # 57 of 200 numbers imprinted on the aide. Over 50 Willie G designed Skulls can be found on it. The bike came off the showroom floor basically as you see it in the pictures with some additions / upgrades added and includes the Screaming Eagle Race Tuned EFI Engine and Screamin' Eagle pipes. This bike was very lightly used and has only 4060 miles on it, all service was done regularly and the bike was pampered,. waxed regularly stored inside in a heated dehumidified building and kept on a lift to avoid sagging in the suspension or flat spots in the tires. I have well over 35k in it and ill include the following additional items as well.

2 different Harley seats
1 Harley Single Seat 
1 Screaming Eagle Seat
Quick Release Tented Windshield
Handle bar bag 
Chrome Side Storage 
Caliper Security Lock
Enclosed Air Cover
2 Sets Of Keys 
All Documentation and Receipts

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Sale price: $ 13500
Motorcycle location: Vancouver, Washington, United States
Last update: 10.08.2018
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2005 Harley-Davidson Softail
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