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2005 Victory Vegas Used 1507L

Engine Size (cc):1507
Exterior Color:Yellow
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“17k Miles.2 Owners.Garage Kept.Freshly Serviced.Clean Title.Clean Carfax Report. No Mechanical Issues. Great Cosmetic Condition. Amazing Driving Experience.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Finished in Immaculate Yellow Paint.Highlights:17k Miles.2 Owners.Garage Kept.Freshly Serviced.Clean Title.Clean Carfax Report.No Mechanical Issues.Excellent Cosmetic Condition.Amazing Driving Experience.Power Comes from a 1507cc Single Overhead Cam V2 Four Stroke Engine with Electronic Fuel Injection Coupled to a Smooth 5-Speed Manual Transmission that Sends Power to the Rear Wheels.Power Numbers are:97 Horsepower.113 ft-lbs. Torque.Notice to Bidders: All of the vehicles and motorcycles I list on eBay are for sale locally. I reserve the right to end an auction early. All cars are immediately ready for delivery upon sale.Back on the market, auction winner was a scammer.

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Item Information

Item ID: 147049
Motorcycle location: Orlando, Florida, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 31.01.2020
Views: 62
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2005 Victory Vegas Used 1507L
Current customer rating: 3/5 based on 3 customer reviews

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