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2005 Volkswagen Passat Used GLS TDI Wagon Automatic 2.0L Diesel I4L Diesel

$ 1000

Number of Cylinders:4
Exterior Color:Grey
Body Type:Wagon
Drive Type:FWD
Engine:2.0L Diesel I4
Vehicle Title:Clean
Fuel Type:Diesel
:“It's a very good economy commuter grocery getter!”
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Seller description

About this vehicle
This 2005 Volkswagen Passat is an original. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle is drivable and is used as a daily driver.
Seller's Notes
Its a very good economy commuter grocery getter!
Vehicle Details
2005 VW Passat TDI GLS wagon. B5.5
VIN#: WVWCE63B95E[hidden information]
231,529 miles. Automatic, 4 Cyl. Turbo Diesel
2.0L PD model engine.
Engine code: BHW
It averages between 34-40 mpg.
Im going to try and tell you everything I know about the car -- what has been done and what it needs so this will be long.
Im the 3nd owner.
At about 120K miles a balance shaft delete was performed by KMH motors of Lowell, Ma. An ALH oil pump & chain assembly was used. The transmission was also flushed/filled & filter changed, the alternator clutch was replaced, the timing & serpentine belts, water pump, timing belt idler, timing belt tensioner were replaced.
Both motor mounts were also replaced at that time.
At 129K the camshaft, bearings, and all lifters were replaced by Budzecks Auto of Norwich, CT. It was replaced with a stock VW cam & lifters. I also had the glow plugs replaced at the same time.
Although the plastic engine cover is not installed, I have it.
I purchased and never installed the Panzer Skidplate kit. Its not currently available from them anymore due to the whole tariff situation. I still have the stock splash plates.
I also purchased new Koni model "STr.T" shocks and struts for the car. I never got to putting them on, but the car would sure benefit from it. As of today I have Changed the rear shocks and rotors with new breaks.
Theres also a full set of 16" steel OEM wheels. 2 of them are on the front of the car as you can see in the pictures and 2 are not. I also have a full size steel spare. The steel wheels have almost new tread on them.
Also have an unmounted set of 4 Firestone Winterforce 215/50/R16 93S tires that have a season or two on them at most.
At about 220K replaced the axles with RAxles.
At 223K replaced the timing, serpentine belts, water pump, timing belt idler pulley and tensioner with the timing belt kit from I also have the Metalnerd PD tool kit for the timing change.
Ive changed the oil at approximately 5[hidden information] mile intervals with Pentosin High Performance II oil and used Mann filters. I did the oil changes from the top, through the filler stem w/ an extractor. I have the filter cap wrench.
At 215K I replaced the intercooler pipe from the turbo outlet to the intercooler w/ a genuine VW one as the original ripped open in 2 spots.
All the electronics work. All windows work, sunroof works both ways, mirrors work, mirror heaters work, seat heaters work, drivers door tailgate & gas door switches work, tailgate door switch works, wiper fluid pump & front & rear sprayers work.
The CD in the radio doesnt work. I have never used the cassette deck. The only thing that has issues is the drivers door sensor. It sticks closed so when you open the drivers door the lights dont come on and the alarm system sometimes deactivate when you put the key in the ignition (just turn key on-off-on-off stops the alarm). In warm weather the sensor works more consistently. I have 2 sets of keyfobs. Theyll both need new batteries. One keyfob will need a new blade (I have the broken blade for reference and a
replacement blade is about $20)
I have an extra set of headlight assemblies that need the lenses buffed, and probably need new bulbs.
It comes with the VW rear cargo mat.
I have the rear retractable cargo cover and a replacement spare tire well door (as the plastic handle on the original one is cracking)
I know I have the rear seat headrests in a box somewhere. I just had the back seats down almost all the time.
The interior is in decent shape, with the only major issue being the fabric on the lower left upper of drivers front seat is worn away. Its got the expected wear of its mileage.
The garage door opener panel on the sun visor fell/broke off. A louver on the passenger center vent is missing and the plastic housing of one of the rear seat belt buckles snapped in two (can be glued back together - I still have it.)
At this point the car needs some things:
The car starts just fine even in the cold. Its overdue for emissions (12/2019), so the CEL will need to be taken care of.
It needs a thermostat thats included with the car. Its failed wide open so the car warms maybe 1/4 of the way in cold weather. It failed about a month after I did the timing. Im fairly certain its the thermostat and not the sensor in the back of the head.
The AC needs a charge (Im guessing). It was progressively blowing warmer air over the past 2 summers. It just blows air, doesnt get cold now. I have front struts ready to be installed along with new rotors and pads although you can drive it until you get ready to install them. The car will need at the least a set of tires in the rear, but if you want to use the alloys, youll need 4 new tires. I do have the front 2 16" alloy fronts w/ center caps.
The front fog lights were taken out, but I still have them. One will need a new bulb.
The right lower grill insert fell out at some point after I did the timing belt.
Information about 2005 Volkswagen Passat for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Passat Volkswagen Grey GLS TDI 2.0L Diesel I4
The lights in the front bumper had the retaining clips broken for years and I just didnt feel like fighting with them any more, so when I did the timing belt, I didnt put them back in.
The front bumper skin needs to be re-attached at the wheel wells (see the pics, its a little misaligned).
Right now it should have its air filter & cabin filter changed and the rear wiper blade replaced.
Ive never hit anything or damaged any wheels hitting potholes, etc. The car could use an alignment but it tracks pretty straight.
Its got the normal knicks and dings a car with its mileage will have. Its got the normal rust bubbling on the front wheel well tops. The rest of the car looks good.
I hope Ive covered most everything.
This would be a great parts car for the person who already owns one or if you put the time into it, it would be a solid daily driver for another 100k or so. Its not currently registered or insured so if you want to take it for a test drive make sure you bring your own plate with proof of insurance and your drivers license!
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Item ID: 198513
Sale price: $ 1000
Car location: Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Last update: 6.01.2021
Views: 9
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2005 Volkswagen Passat Used GLS TDI Wagon Automatic 2.0L Diesel I4L Diesel
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