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2006 Dodge Viper Used Gasoline Convertible Manual 8.3 LL

$ 52770

Interior Color:Black
Safety Features:Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Anti-Lock Brakes
Options:Leather Seats, CD Player, Convertible
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Sub Model:SRT-10
Body Type:Convertible
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Number of Cylinders:10
Exterior Color:Grey
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Locks
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Engine:8.3 L
:“Walk around running engine video available”
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Seller Description

About this vehicle
This 2006 Dodge Viper is an original with updates to the drivetrain. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for car shows.
Seller's Notes
Walk around running engine video available
Vehicle Details
2006 Dodge Viper SRT/10 with 8.3 Liter V10 engine! 6 Speed Manual Transmission with A/C and like new convertible top w/boot cover. Only 20,100 original miles, original car with CLEAR AL title also. Rare slate crystal gray with black painted stripes, offered only in 2006 (the last year of the Gen 3 Viper).
Information about 2006 Dodge Viper for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Viper Dodge Grey 8.3 L
This viper also has the Calibre custom installed radar/laser detector with visual and audio warning. This is a built in system in the front bumper and not detectible in the cockpit either! Bluetooth, CD stereo is Sirius Satellite equipped also. Stock speakers, but an upgraded, customized stock subwoofer box! The convertible is super low miles, and the convertible top looks and functions like brand new. Interior like new also with everything in super shape, with new Lloyds floor mats for the finishing touch. All original panels other than front bumper which is OEM new and new sub bumper too. Added HRE 301 3-piece wheels that look superb, but buyer has the option for RARE ladder wheels too! See photos for both wheel look options. This viper starts the moment you push the button, drives great and is quite the head-turner too! Just added: Custom gloss black powder coated Viper valve covers, with single blade, polished ROE Racing throttle body, Screamin Demon Coil Packs, Scott Performance Plug Wires, all new Plugs KN cold air intake! This car is QUICK2 Viper keys, 2 fobs, full owners manuals and a top boot cover too ($400 value). Buyer has shifter option for OEM or custom new medium-throw in photos. Running, walk around video available too! See extreme detail and more photos at
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Item Information

Item ID: 232876
Sale price: $ 52770
Car location: Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 3.09.2021
Views: 10
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2006 Dodge Viper Used Gasoline Convertible Manual 8.3 LL
Current customer rating: 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

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