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2006 Honda VTX

$ 5700

:“Excellent condition”Year:2006VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):1HFSC46E86A400228Mileage:34302Model:VTXSub Model (Optional):F2For Sale By:Private SellerExterior Color:BlackVehicle Title:CleanMake:HondaType:CruiserWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

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Item Location:Moreno Valley, California, United States

Shipping to: United States

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Seller Description

Really awesome riding VTX 1800 F2 spec. Smooth, great torque acceleration, comfortable and sounds great! Great condition and great black paint and chrome accessories on it already. Pipes are great sounding and best confirguration for performance with high flow air cleaner. Added back carrier for carrying some stuff but it removes easily when not needed. Various aftermarket upgrades like tank panel, etc. Clean title and factory manual and cover will go with it to the buyer. Only selling my bike because I need money to save my house and repair my truck. Relisted due to non-paying inactive ebayer.Spec 2 Custom-Building Options– Crankcases, cylinder, starter motor: Satin black finish with milled cylinder fin edges.– Handlebar: Cast aluminum risers and caps with hairline satin brushed finish.– Clutch and Brake Levers: Highly polished aluminum finish.– Fork Tubes: Chrome steel covers highlight detailed front end.– Upper and lower triple clamps: Cast aluminum with hairline satin brushed finish.– Switch Housings: Smooth cast aluminum finish.– Radiator Cover: Color matched painted finish.– Footpegs: Chromed steel.– Final Drive Housing: Silver finish.– Wheels: Satin brushed cast aluminum.Engine/Drivetrain– Engine is a 1795cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin that hammers out immense power–106bhp at 5000 rpm and 120 lb./ft. of torque at 3500 rpm.

– V-twin engine features 4-inch cylinder bores and the largest connecting rods and cylinders Honda has ever made.– Offset dual-pin crankshaft with two primary-shaft-mounted balance weights allows a high-performance engine design while eliminating harsh engine vibration. The result: muscular power across a broad rpm range for unequaled acceleration and roll-on words: harley, custom, chopper, cruiser, yamaha, suzuki, bagger, Road King, Ultra, softail, fatboy.

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Item Information

Item ID: 242849
Sale price: $ 5700
Motorcycle location: Moreno Valley, California, United States
Last update: 25.11.2021
Views: 4
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2006 Honda VTX
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