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Used 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R Used Titanium 998L Petrol

V5 Registration Document:Present
Vehicle Type:Super Sport
MOT Expiration Date:April 2022
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:998
Capacity (cc):998cc
Extra Features:Security Alarm, Steering Damper
Drive Type:Chain
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Type:Super Sport
Date of 1st Registration:20060331
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Seller Description

Year 2006
Engine size: Engine: 998cc, inline four, 16v, DOHC, Power: 173bhp @ 11,700rpm, Torque: 85ftlb @ 9,500rpm, Weight: 175kg
Mileage: 9791 miles
Full service history - New Battery fitted / MOT / Oil + Filters / fuel changed (April 2021)
Previous owner's excl. current: 1
Ohlin's steering damper fitted
Datatool, Excellent front & rear brakes/tyres & sprockets/chain
Colour: Titanium
The bike is fully original with owner's manual, service book, alarmed, data tagged, 2x fob keys with keys and original red key, with full documentation pack and very low mileage for year.

Kept garaged, tucked up and on an optimise battery charger. I have owned the bike for 8 years and only selling due to having multiple bikes. The bike is exceptionally clean all round and runs fantastic and is ready for summer. It is the first with the under seat exhausts, never had any faults since owning the bike. New MOT, New battery, service Oil + Filter, old fuel removed/replaced with new and full service history, (mileage 9791). Some small scratches due to wear and tear, expected for age of bike etc, but nothing dramatic. Advertised elsewhere so can remove at anytime. No road test unless a price is agreed - if any damage is incurred the bike will be treated as sold. Bike sold as seen and collection only.

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Item Information

Item ID: 218759
Motorcycle location: Glossop, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.06.2021
Views: 57
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2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R Used Titanium 998L Petrol
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