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2006 Triton Turbo Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab

4328 $
Registration State:Nsw
Registration Number:CI59PJ
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Back Seat Safety Belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners
Dealer License Number:28432
Fuel Type:Diesel
Car Type:4x4
Engine Number:4M40BT1733
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:4WD
Body Type:Crew cab
Options:Air Conditioning, AM, FM Stereo, CD Player
For Sale by:Dealer
Engine Size (litre):2.8
Featured Refinements:Turbo Diesel 4X4
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW >>>>>   

Seller Description

Triton 2006 Turbo Diesel Crew Cab 4x4 Manual Fitted with Reverse Camera and tow Bar and Steel Tray.355 Klms Rego Expiry 28/03/2020Drives well for the KlmsCall David on [hidden information] for Inspection.

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Item Information

Item ID: 196564
Sale price: $ 4328
Car location: Broadmeadow, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 10.12.2020
Views: 165
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2006 Triton Turbo Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 5804 customer reviews

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