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2006 Triumph Daytona Used Yellow 675L Manual Petrol

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Size:675
Gears:Six-speed manual
MOT Expiry Date:202100
Drive Type:Chain
Type:Super Sport
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
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Seller Description

2006 Triumph Daytona 675 in amazing condition. paint work is fantastic, especially for its age. I have had it off the road in storage for the winter, so currently SORN and only has 1 months MOT (08.04.21)
Its got a whole load of extras with it mostly cosmetic parts, but i have the originals for most of it as well.LED indicators fitted ( Only have 2 originals )Adjustable short clutch and brake levers, really nice to use, smooth action.Carbon fibre effect Foot peg guards and rear mud guard, i have the originals as well.
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SP Engineering exhaust, This model of daytona 675 usually has an underseat exhaust, which unfortuanately i dont have, but it has been fitted with an SP Engineering aftermarket side fitted, personally i think it looks and sounds a lot better. Comes with muffler fitted. It sounds amazing. As much as i hate to admit it, it was too loud for me without the muffler, so i have fitted it, but easily removed.Comes with both rear plastic seat cowl (As pictured) and the rear pillion seat for if you want to take a passanger.current v5, 2 keys, previous MOT certificates Only advisory on the last one was 'noisy exhaust'
It will need a new back tyre soon, and the front is part worn as well. they are quite slick tyres so a bit more difficult to see from the pictures, but i can send more if required.I have always ran pirelli supercorsa diablo's as did the previous owner.Other than tyres, I can see no reason that it wouldnt fly through an MOT,
Will include a 'mammoth security' heavy duty chain with 2 keys and an 'Oxford' waterproof cover as well. Both really good quality. Probably about £60 worth in themselves.
Happy to consider sensible offers.
Any other questions, feel free to message me. Thanks.

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Item ID: 218812
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Worcester, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.06.2021
Views: 7
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2006 Triumph Daytona Used Yellow 675L Manual Petrol
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