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2007 Audi A4 1.8t S-Line ***WRECKING***

$ 2734

Car Type:Restoration, Salvage
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:SALVAGE
Drive Type:FWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Regretful sale due to repairs/ upgrade:
- over heated/ blown the head gasket causing low compression in cylinders 2 and 3- Looks like timming belt has jumped a tooth (requires new timing belt)- Internal AC mechanism makes rattling sounds on start however it sitll performs- Has a couple of dings, minor scratches and stains (please see all photos)
- Kenwood DDX9016DABS (Featuring support for Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Digital Radio, and Bluetooth) $1000- Brand new 18" Genuine Audi Alloy Wheels ($1000)- 1 month rego
Happy to negotiate on price!
If you have any questions, please message me!

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Item Information

Item ID: 205789
Sale price: $ 2734
Car location: West Pymble, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 2.03.2021
Views: 13
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2007 Audi A4 1.8t S-Line ***WRECKING***
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