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2007 Ford F-150

$ 27800

2007 Ford F-150 for Sale
2007 Ford F-150 for Sale2007 Ford F-150 for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear


This is a very rare and limited edition 2007 Saleen S331 F150 #134. I added a 2.3L Whipple supercharger that operates at 525hp, This was all installed and tuned professionally at Dyno Comp, INC. This truck has roughly 81,800 miles. Additional upgrades are aftermarket hood, sound system and a locking tonneau cover.This truck drives and runs great, sounds great and all servicing has been done on time. I am moving so I have priced this truck to sell quickly! Nada values on the low end are 26,000 and the high end at 48,000.

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Sale price: $ 27800
Car location: Glendale, Arizona, United States
Last update: 29.03.2018
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2007 Ford F-150
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