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2007 Ford Mustang Used Manual Coupe

$ 39000

Options:CD Player, Leather Seats
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:White
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Coupe
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

After Ford Division
mainstreamed Special Vehicle Team operations and entered into a new business
relationship with Carroll Shelby in 2006, the car that SVT had engineered to be
the all-new SVT Mustang Cobra came to market as the 2007 Ford Shelby GT500. Based
on the all-new S197 Mustang platform and equipped with a special 500-horsepower
supercharged version of the 5.4-liter V-8, this modern-day Shelby GT500 took
the muscle car world by storm with looks that mirror the classic’s and the kind
of power and performance previously unheard of in any factory-built Ford
Mustang…….This is STUNNING example of a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT 500 with 2 adult
$20,000 race suspension by Griggs Racing: Koni coil overs fully adjustable
shocks, tubular a-arms, high performance rack and pinion steering, front and
rear custom sway bars, rear end stiffeners, all suspension is Heim joints,
wheel studs and much more.
Information about 2007 Ford Mustang for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Mustang Ford White
This car runs
and drives like it is on rails NO body sway.
It is equipped with all standard power equipment including leather, T-6
speed, premium music with CD and more.
This American Icon has NEVER been on the track but has dominated the
street. It is finished in Performance
White Clearcoat with Shelby Blue stripes and Black leather (the best and most
sought after color). It has a clean car
fax and clear California title. #26594. Now on display at the home of “over the top
cars” CHECKERED FLAG CLASSICS 7743 MONTEREY ST GILROY, [hidden information] or
[hidden information], sold as-is, California buyers are responsible for sales tax and
license fees. Buy with confidence I am a
licensed and bonded California dealer.
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Item Information

Item ID: 193915
Sale price: $ 39000
Car location: Gilroy, California, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 19.11.2020
Views: 18
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2007 Ford Mustang Used Manual Coupe
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