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2007 Harley-davidson Softail Used

$ 1825

Vehicle Title:Clear
:“This Bike has been completely redone, Don't be like every other clown on the same exact factory built bike. Buy one that no one has and no one can get;)”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This is a 2007 Deluxe I bought from the original owner. It was Blue and White and bone stock when I bought it 6 months ago. Since then I have taken the bike down to the frame and rebuild and replaced everything on this machine to make it like new. Why? Cause new Harley's suck!!!!! The 2007 and 2008 Harley's are the best made machines ever with the 96 and 6 speed trans tuned like this one is, I run down stock 103's all day long and the 96's will never give you any issues. So I buy many 2007 and 2008's and do just what you see here, build a custom bike for the guy that wants to be him self. Not just another A.. on factory build bike looking like everyone else at the bar or bike show. Below is a list of all the goodies on this machine.
New front end bearingsNew fork tubes 1 inch shorter than stock with seals and oilNew Bars and risersTins taken down to bare metal, decal and clear coated over to preserve the look.
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No one has this.21 inch front wheel with black spokes and chrome rimNew break rotor front and rearNew breaks front and rearNew throttle cablesNew break cablesNew clutch cableNew plugs and wiresNew stage 1 S&S air cleanerNew Power commander 5 tuned just rightNew mega phone exhaustNew powder coated and polished rear road king back wheelNew front tireNew Rear tireNew Swing arm bearingsNew Shocks with lowering kitAll new chrome frame and swing arm coversPolished Derby cover to match fork legsNew GripsTrans fluid has been flushed and replacedMotor oil has been replaced and valves adjustedOil bag has been flushed and replaced as well as oil drain tube is brand newNew SeatNew Floor boards

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Item Information

Item ID: 191718
Sale price: $ 1825
Motorcycle location: Hudson, Florida, United States
Last update: 9.11.2020
Views: 10
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2007 Harley-davidson Softail Used
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