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Used 2007 Lexus GX470 470

:Truck sold as is Year:2007 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):JTJBT20X070132160 Mileage:125000 Body Type:SUV Trim:470 Transmission:Automatic Number of Cylinders:8 Make:Lexus Drive Type:4WD Fuel Type:Gasoline For Sale By:Private Seller Model:GX470 Exterior Color:Black Vehicle Title:Clean Engine:4.7L Gas V8
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Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
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Item Location:Livonia, Michigan, United States
Shipping to: United States
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Seller Description

Vehicle Details
Completely stock 2007 Gx470. Everything is in working order. The timing belt and water pump was replaced at [hidden information]. Dashboard needs to be replaced.
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Item Information

Item ID: 249552
Car location: Livonia, Michigan, United States
Last update: 6.01.2022
Views: 54
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2007 Lexus GX470 470
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