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Used 2009 Buell 1125R Used 1125L

Sub Model (Optional):1125r
Engine Size (cc):1125
Exterior Color:white
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Sport Bike
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:2 bikes have been started the x1 and s3t , decided to get each bike running my mechanic started on the s3t then the x1 and last the race bike to be started
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Seller Description

bought 25 bikes off of a retired harley dealer, there were 3 buells in the lot , a 09 1125r, set up as a race bike, raced twice, then put in showroom on display,, bike has 3800 miles,, it has race plastic but basically a stock bike ,, a 2002 x1 with a red white and blue paint job bike has 841 miles from new ,, and a 2002 s3t with 13600 miles belonged to owners son in law ,,, would like to sell as a package ,,, call 732 762 1026 for any info ,, 2 of the bikes have been started the x1 and the s3t, fresh gas and a new plug started with a jumper pack but will need batteries // ,,, 2 have titles 1 has mso from harley i can help to ship to anywhere WILL SELL SEPARATE last bike to be started the 1125r
WILL CONSIDER SERIOUS OFFERS call 732 762 1026 with any questions please

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Item Information

Item ID: 138869
Motorcycle location: Rahway, New Jersey, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.12.2019
Views: 80
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2009 Buell 1125R Used 1125L
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