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2009 Harley-Davidson V-ROD

$ 16000

Exterior Color:Flat Black
Engine Size (cc):1,250
Sub Model (Optional):Night Special - VRSCDX
Vehicle Title:Clear
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Very clean, very fast, one of a kind bike. Extras include the following: Roland Sands - Contrast Cut Diesal Rims with matching pulley and rotarsNash - Puddy Gimp Handle BarsCustom Cut Brake Lines/Throttle CableArlen Ness - RAD II Teardrop MirrorsHarley Davidson - Diamond Black GripsPowder Coated Trade Winds HeadlightPowder Coated Foot & Hand ControlsCustom Rear Fender with Built- In LED Blinkers and TaillightFork Wrap Around LED BlinkersSide Mount Liscense Plate HolderProgressive Suspension, Front & Rear (Lowered)Full System, Thunder Header ExhaustHarley Davidson Screaming Eagle Pro Stage-II KitHarley Davidson Screaming Eagle Pro Destroyer Big Bore Throttle Body KitHarley Davidson Screaming Eagle Pro Super TunerHarley Davidson Chrome V-Rod Shift LinkageHarley Davidson Small Frame BagHarley Davidson Front Axle But CoverHarley Davidson Swingarm Pivot Bolt Cover Kit.

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Sale price: $ 16000
Motorcycle location: Neenah, Wisconsin, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.06.2018
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2009 Harley-Davidson V-ROD
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