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Used 2009 Hummer H3T

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*******RELISTED 30 MINUTES AFTER SOME SORRY LOSER HIT BUY IT NOW(HAD ZERO FEEDBACK), AND NEVER CONTACTED ME, ALSO, I’LL WRITE THIS AGAIN, A “SERIOUS” BUYER NEEDS TO CONTACT ME FIRST BEFORE HITTING BUY IT NO, NO EXCEPTIONS”*******PRICE IS MORE THAN FAIR/FIRM(I GOT SAME PRICE FOR MY LAST H3T WITH 170K MILES, ALSO,BECAUSE I REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE WITHOUT AN H3T, I WOULD RATHER TRADE FOR AN AUTOMATIC H3T***(H3T “ONLY” , NOT INTERESTED IN TRADING FOR A NON TRUCK H3)***THEN I WOULD TO SELL MINE(NO DOUBT A RARE MAN TRANS ONE IS WORTH MORE $ THAN AN AUTO TRANS ONE), IF TRADING FOR ONE THO, ABSOLUTELY NO TAN COLOR INTERIOR ONES AND NO PEWTER OR BLUE COLOR EXTERIOR ONES. *******PLEASE DO NOT HIT BUY IT NOW, U MUST CONTACT ME FIRST, ALSO, I WOULD HV TO BILL U A PAYPAL DEPOSIT IF U WANT IT @ X OF HITTING BUY IT NOW AND THEN FULL BALANCE WOULD NEED TO BE PD EITHER CASH IN PERSON OR A BANK WIRE TRANSFER IF U R FAR AWAY AND FULL BALANCE WOULD BE DUE WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS.******* ThanksI can’t believe that I’m listing this but I’ll see what happens(I promised myself I wouldn’t ever sell it)!I LOVE Hummer’s, own more than a handful(hv owned LOTS but only to H3T’s).Only 5600’ish T’s were ever produced and only 56 were ever made with a manual transmission(so this baby is VERY rare)!It also has super LOW miles @ only 94k miles too!It runs/drives perfectly!I just spent exactly $3,000 on motor back in July and hv probably only put 500 miles since then.Whenever I bought it it had a blown head gasket from a previous hole in its radiator(now has a new radiator too) so I had head and etc redone and @ that time I had a new water pump put on, plugs, and etc. So this is a plus.Previous owner before me put on, pd $2,500 for its Iron Bull front bumper(I was shocked myself that it cost this much $ until I verified it online myself).I added the custom 20” wheels with rt @ new tires(wheels r nice but previous owner has painted dots/name on wheels and I kinda painted them back but just fairly, I don’t think that this is a big deal but I just want to be honest/accurate about everything).Previous owner wanted it to sit up higher in the rear(his liking) so he told me he had some extra heavy duty springs put on it and that springs alone were $550. So this is why it sits up higher in the rear.As far as exterior, it has some scratches here and there and a small dent on top/upper left bedside.Worst scratches r on rt door from mirror breaking and rubbing against door(I put a brand new $250 rt mirror on it too).Also, there a ding/dent on center of tailgate(I believe u can c all of these cosmetic picks in my pics?).Interior is overall super nice! Previous owner had some higher $ seat covers on seats but I didn’t like them so I removed and actually threw away(but I’m glad previous owner had on seats because it def preserved seats well).For my liking I added a RED gauge face to cluster but if sold it will only be sold with its original black gauge face(takes me only 15 minutes to swap these out, I’ve done over 20 on these 3’s, am pretty good at it).The only dummy lights that r on r 1, low tire pressure light(custom wheels don’t hv sensors) and 2, airbag light BUT aitbags r def good. I’ve seen airbags lights on in these often, in fact we hv a MINT condition 07 H3 with 60k miles and all of a sudden its airbag light came on back last December and its still on(never wrecked, no story, it’s in showroom new condition)!It will need one door pin for turning off stereo on drivers front door(u probably know how on most newer GM vehicles the radio will play after u turn key off and then will automatically turn off after u open up the front door, well it will keep playing after u open up door BUT if u open and of the other 3 doors radio turns off immediately like it should which points to drivers front door pin being bad, NO BIG DEAL, could actually switch with any other 3 pins or kits replace pin, also, radio eventually does automatically turn itself off, u can read this info online too if u do not understand).As u can c this one has some previous rebuilt salvage title history, it is what it is(I’ve owned hundreds of rebuilt salvage title vehicle’s, doesn’t bother me a bit because I’ve only ever bought minor previously damaged vehicle’s).

And I found a pic of it online whenever it was previously damaged and main damage, maybe only damage was to both front/rear bumper’s.The last 4 things that I can think of to mention about it r 1, it has a nice, higher $ aftermarket alarm on it, 2, it has a nice aftermarket Kenwood stereo that I put in it, and 3, it has no bed tonneau cover, and 4 emergency brake cable will need to be replaced.Overall it’s everything it should be!And what an investment it/these r, especially @ only $15,950!Without a doubt it’s worth this $ FOREVER and it will only increase in value!The only reason I’m kicking around selling it is because I kinda need one that’s an automatic.I love the man trans but @ x’s my wife may need to drive it and she’s just not a man trans type of person.I can recommend an AWESOME auto transporter if u r far away and need a FAR quote!Thanks
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Item ID: 240518
Car location: Houston, Texas, United States
Last update: 12.11.2021
Views: 43
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2009 Hummer H3T
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