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Used 2010 Hummer H1

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Vehicle Details
You are bidding on an original retired 2010 military Humvee Hmmwv M1123 4 door all purpose off road vehicle that was basically never used. I see no accessories that were installed then removed. The vehicle shows really no wear. 71 miles on odometer. all fluids are like new, engine oil and filter just changed. vehicle was delivered to military with 22 miles on it in Barstow.

stayed there all its life. I bought it with 27 miles on it. I put new windshields and a complete soft top and door kit that is insulated for the heat or cold. no leaks, runs and drives as it should. Tires are original dated 2010 and they are flat spotted from sitting. batteries are new. vehicle starts right up with no issues. all lights work, turn signals. vehicle comes with A/C unit that needs to be mounted in your desired location. will need new a/c hose or fitting as it was cut. equipped with portal axles and independent front and rear suspension for unbelievable ground clearance. 37in tires. body is aluminum and fiberglass making the truck very light under 6k lbs. original California vehicle with no rust at all. vehicle will come with clean title from South Dakota with license plates for street legal use. California will not register these vehicles. you dont need to live in South Dakota to register.
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Item ID: 237668
Car location: Menifee, California, United States
Last update: 20.10.2021
Views: 45
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2010 Hummer H1
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