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2010 Kawasaki Ninja

$ 3750

2010 Kawasaki Ninja for Sale
2010 Kawasaki Ninja for Sale2010 Kawasaki Ninja for Sale
Engine Size (cc):1400
Vehicle Title:Salvage
Type:Sport Touring
:“Ebay Mobile users, please go to full description tab or classic view for pictures, thank you!!!”
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Ebay Mobile users, please go to full description tab or classic view  for pictures, thank you!!!

Just in, Insurance company purchase, 2010 Kawasaki ZX 14 or ZZR1400 in Europe.
As seen in the pictures, bike has cosmetic damage. All pegs are intact, tank is fine, damage is minimal. Full set of fairings, painted, even in same color scheme is available on Ebay for about $400. That's all this bike need. Left side can has few scratches and those can be had $60-70

Bike start and run fine. I have had it up and down the road, trough the gears, rides fine, doesn't pull, stops...................

We will provide salvage Vermont title with this bike
What you see in the pictures is what you get, nothing more and nothing less.  Instead of writing long disclosures, common sense is expected, you win you own, and expected to pay. Swift transaction is essential, certified funds of course within 2-3 days. AS IS sale. We will assist in any possible way. Port of NJ / NY is about $400 delivery. We can help with shipping as well. Any questions, Mike [hidden information]

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Sale price: $ 3750
Motorcycle location: Hampstead, New Hampshire, United States
Last update: 16.03.2019
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2010 Kawasaki Ninja
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