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2010 Mazda BT-50 Used 3.0L WEAT1121919L Dual Cab Pick-up White

$ 11412

For Sale by:Dealer
Engine Size (litre):3.0
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Year of Manufacture:2010
Registration Number:BPO80V
Body Type:Dual Cab Pick-up
Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive:Right-hand drive
Dealer License Number:46857
Metallic Paint:No
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Seller Description

2010 Mazda BT-50 09 Upgrade Boss B3000 DX (4x4) White 5 SP AUTOMATIC Dual Cab Pick-up

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Item Information

Item ID: 224081
Sale price: $ 11412
Car location: Minto, NSW, 2566, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 11.07.2021
Views: 2
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2010 Mazda BT-50 Used 3.0L WEAT1121919L Dual Cab Pick-up White
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