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2011 Cadillac CTS Used

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Seller Description

If you’re looking for a turn-key AUTOMATIC wagon, that’s been
tastefully modded, look no more. If you’re into embarrassing most cars on
the road today, with class, I think you’re going to like what you read. The
family truckster is well behaved gallivanting around town or if you prefer –
Mexico. Heck, bring your friends or make
it a family affair. No more stank eye from the wife when you tell her you don’t
have room for the family!! Kids, no problem, throw their gear in the back and
go. My son loves getting rocked to sleep sitting at the stop light (No it’s not
bad, it’s more like a shimmy). Running late getting the kids to school? You
can slide this wagon into the drop line pulling more than a G with confidence. People
will stare (even when you’re not stunt driving) so if that’s not your thing
this is not the right vehicle for you (Seriously). If you’re single, well
my introduction may not appeal to you…but I bet you won’t be single for
long! This wagon needs nothing and is ready
to be driven wherever the road takes you.
I know this is a lot of information, but please take the time to
read as your questions may be answered. I spent a lot of time answering the
same questions when I sold my last wagon so I thought I would try a different
approach.I also have walk around video that I'm unable to link here, please message me.
Just because everyone asks “WHY are you selling” I’ve been fortunate to own two V wagons over
the past five years and I’m ready to move on to something different. I do not
have to sell so please save your lowball offers J
I will not respond. My price is very fair for what you’re getting, if a modded
wagon is your desire. If not, I wish you the best of luck with your search!
Aesthetically I would say it’s above average for a 7 year
old car. This is subjective so please come see for yourself. I tend to be over critical which works out
really well for the buyer. There are normal rock chips on the front bumper that
have been touched up with a paint pen; slight nicks on a couple wheels that
have also been touched up, no major rash, small scratch on rear bumper, front
calipers aren’t perfect. I will provide detailed pics, these are not show stoppers, IMO. Interior is really nice, no tears, etc… I’ve sold many cars over the years and
the buyers have always been impressed – Even when they purchased sight unseen.
Mods were installed in my shop by my best friend, who is a
GM mechanic and fellow car enthusiast. He’s just as OCD as I am about
cars. The level of detail and expertise
in this build is at the same level of any reputable LS shop. Top shelf parts
were used, all bolts torqued to spec, etc… The parts chosen have been proven
to perform time and time again. This was a fun build, not rushed.
Wagon is Pat G tuned. Patrick is considered one of the best
and is a 6L90 specialist which is crucial for longevity. Drivability is GREAT!
You definitely know it has a cam, but it’s quite tame. Boost and timing are
conservative – 13 psi and 20 degrees on 93. AFR floats between 11.2-5, with
zero knock – anywhere. It has not been
on the dyno, or on a track. This is a fair weather toy. Logs are available for
serious buyers. I would say the rear wheel HP will be between 650-700 based on
comparable builds and my last wagon which I raced.
Carfax lists a minor incident. Previous owner stated the passenger
side front door was bumped into. PDR was performed and you can’t tell. He stated it was not painted (It really did
buff out) and I would have never known unless he told me. This does not show on
the Autocheck but wanted to mention as I believe in full disclosure.
Information about 2011 Cadillac CTS for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CTS Cadillac
A little history - I purchased this from a well-known car
guy that goes through cars every other month it seems. Number 2 and 3 owners listed
in the history on Autocheck are he and his dealer friend/broker that he bought it from in Ohio.
Wagon is also for sale outside of eBay. I reserve the right
to end the auction at any time.
Now on to the details:
The basics:
-2011 White Diamond Tintcoat, 37,794 miles
-Alcantera wheel and shifter
-Yellow calipers
-Satin Graphite wheels (Continental ExtremeContact
Sport tires only 1500 miles)
-NO leaky/noisy panoramic roof!!
Good headroom for taller guys that need to wear a helmet
-New AGM battery
-Blendmount for Valentine 1
-AEM 30-0334 wideband (not visible
but plugged into OBD2 port for logging)
-Black moon splitter with skid plate
-Eibach lowering springs
replaced under warranty – 1600 miles on new unit (Dealer also installed LPE
solid isolator)
-GPTuning 2.5 cam. Specs released to
-BTR 660 platinum spring kit with
titanium retainers, 7.4 pushrods
-Steve Morris bronze trunions (Install
performed by SM)
-Power Dynamics ported LSA oil pump
with Improved Racing pickup tube bracket
-Katech C5R timing chain with LS2
-10.1” lower, factory upper. LPE
relocation bracket, Metco HD tensioner pulley
-Jokerz LS7 ported throttle body,
Airaid intake
-American Racing 2” headers, 24”
resonators to OEM mufflers
-ZL1 lid with reinforced brick and
12an fittings. Insulated Gates ¾ hose throughout
-Track Attack heat exchanger with
Vadder expansion tank and Varimax pump
- ID1050x Injectors
-Mighty Mouse “Wild” catch can setup
with Hi Tuned performance catch can drain
-TR7IX plugs
-Gates green belts

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Item ID: 92104
Car location: Lugoff, South Carolina, United States
Last update: 13.11.2018
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2011 Cadillac CTS Used
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