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2011 Ford F-150 Used Automatic Gasoline super cab Super Cab

$ 6100

Number of Cylinders:6
Safety Features:Driver Airbag
Interior Color:Gray
Disability Equipped:No
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Red
Trim:super cab
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:4WD
Body Type:Super Cab
Options:4-Wheel Drive, CD Player
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Welcome to a true auction, $100 starting price, no reserve, will sell to the highest bidder 7 days from the start, where ever that price may end up. To answer the question "why would I risk it", its because I am an Ebay purist. I make my living selling on Ebay and I understand the excitement and fun of getting a great deal, and competing for a great deal. This is one of those deals. I wish everyone good luck and happy bidding.
Why am I selling? I purchased this truck nearly 3 years ago, so I could move my tiny home (28' airstream) from RV park to RV park. I also had it because I wanted a nice truck, and this is a sharp, powerful truck. I've since sold my airstream, and have recently moved to the beach and I just don't need a truck anymore, time for something else.

I want to provide all info you could possibly want to make a decision on whether this truck is for you.
First, this is a 6 cylinder eco-boost engine, that has serious get up and go, put the foot down on the accelerator and this will jump! Lots of power, lots of fun., and besides people move out of the way when a truck is coming there way, I'll miss that.
Work done to the truck: 1. All new tires about 20,000 miles ago, I never rotated them, should have, back are worn more than the front2. All new brakes and rotors on all 4 about 25000 miles ago, braking is still excellent3. About 20,000 miles ago I felt a little slipping in the transmission when going down the highway. I took it to the local Ford dealership and about $1200.00 later, and a few minor components replaced, transmission works great. No major work was done but it was seen by the Ford dealer, and again, no problems or hints of problems since.4. A rock hit my right side of my windshield about 6 months ago and I have a small starburst, and it was filled professionally with some windshield epoxy and was told the crack will never get bigger, and it has not gotten bigger.5. Replaced both front headlight lightbulbs (they cost like $35 each-crazy)- I have never had any major work done to this vehicle. I've changed the oil every 3[hidden information] miles at a jiffy lube. I have never done any of the 'recommended flushes' of any part.-This is a high mileage truck but it runs great, and feels great. Steering is snug, no play. Seats are manually adjustable, they work great.- According to the dash computer I am getting 14.7 MPG- Full size spare under truck bed (never used it)-Custom Rims - scratched since I don't do drive throughs good enough-Different drive modes: 2WD 4WD low 4WD hi. I have always driven in 2WD mode. I don't do off road driving.*This needs a new replacement driver side track cover (I purchased one, included with the sale) to be installed.-see pictures* I was told some right front wheel well cap needs to be replaced, as it rubs against the wheel when backing out and turning hard left going backwards. I was told by the dealer its a plastic covering of some sort, about a $150 repair. It does not affect function, and I've been too lazy to change out the plastic piece since it doesn't affect truck function or safety. The only time it rubs is when backing out and turning hard., and it doesn't alway rub, just sometimes.
Body: The red truck is sharp, but it has a variety of small scratches and dings, please review all pictures, some are bigger than others., I have never tried to repair any of the dings/ scratches.-Truck bed has a plastic liner, lots of scratches on the liner, works fine. I'll include 2 tie down straps (great for securing)-Rear license plate has 2 lights to illuminate the plates., my truck has only one light, I don't know what happened to the other light but its completely missing. The one remaining light illuminates plate very well.
I am the second owner, first owner was also a San Diego native. This truck does not have any rust or issues that arise from being in the Midwest, south or East. This has spent its life driving on Southern California roads, in a dry climate.
Towing Package: This has the towing mirrors that can extend out. The truck has the hitch system, and I'll include the ball I used with my trailer. In addition there is a towing brake applicator on the inside of the truck to activate trailer brakes. In addition truck has towing gear, when activated transmission adjusts for towing.
Primary use: Commuting back and forth to work and about 8 times it towed a 28' airstream around San Diego to new RV parks. I have never driven this off road, or abused the truck in any way. Most of the mileage is highway, or going to Costco and work.
Interior: Everything is original,seats are in good condition front and back could use a little cleaning. The black knob that controls the flow of air has white showing, the black paint is wearing off. Radio/ heater/ Air conditioning, power windows and power doors all work perfectly. AC blows cold, but I did just learn that during our recent high temperatures, the AC does not blow cold above 105 degrees (I visited a friend where it was 117 degrees). The AC kept blowing, but it could not covert the air to cold above 105 degrees (I thought that was interesting)., once I went towards the ocean, the cold air kicked in at 105.-Missing the cigarette lighter- gone. -This sound system does link up for hands free talking on your phone or listening to music from your phone. The display works as do all the computer options that go with the display-Owner's manual included-Steering wheel needs a cover, kind of rough looking without it, so I always keep a nice cover on it-NON SMOKER- no one smoked in my car., and I don't have pets, so pets were not in my truck either.
ANSWERS to common questions.1. No I don't have a fixed price in mind, and I won't end the auction early, whatever ebay bidders decide will be the price.2. Yes I have free and clear title in Hand- see pictures3. No you cannot come and see the truck, inspect or drive it before the auction ends. After the auction ends you can drive and inspect to make sure the description is accurate and the truck is exactly as I say it is.
Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.
On Sep-14-20 at 09:51:32 PDT, seller added the following information:One correction: The prior owner to me told me he was the first owner, he was not. According to the autocheck report the first purchaser was from NJ and owned the truck for 3 years, so I guess it did spend some time back east.

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Item Information

Item ID: 191512
Sale price: $ 6100
Car location: Carlsbad, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 8.11.2020
Views: 28
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2011 Ford F-150 Used Automatic Gasoline super cab Super Cab
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